Fortnite – Chapter 2 Season 3 Leaks Appear Online

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A number of leaks for the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 have appeared online, which reveal some pretty interesting features coming to the Fortnite items shop, as well as gameplay changes. As we know, the current season has been extended until June 4th, though we are already hearing changes that could be made when the new season arrives.

An official date for the next update has yet to be revealed, though we should expect to see something over the course of the next few weeks. With that in mind, here are some of the changes that have been leaked regarding the upcoming season so far.

Grefg Coming to Fortnite?

If you are savvy with the expansive Fortnite community on YouTube, then you may have heard of The Grefg. What seems to be coming to Fortnite is an Emote and Skin seemingly dedicated to the YouTuber, which will be made a part of the ‘Icon Series’ in the game.

Grefg’s dance appears to have caught the eye of the game’s developers, and they seem keen to put it into the game sooner rather than later. Either way, only time will tell whether there will be a new addition to the Icon Series.

Skill-Based Matchmaking to Be Removed?

Recent rumblings in the game suggest players seem to noticed strange goings-on whilst playing Fortnite. This issue has been raised by players reporting that they have been placed into lobbies containing bots. However, this doesn’t appear to be an issue in which actual AI are being placed into the game.

The reason behind botting complaints could be that Fortnite has potentially removed skill-based matchmaking. This has been noticed by there being a strange mix between the players that are in games at the moment, which could potentially make a huge difference in how the game is played. Whilst matching players together based on skill was a method of making games fairer, it appears that it hasn’t been sitting well with members of the community who have questioned the direction in which the title is heading.

The Lava Legend Pack

Fans with a keen eye on the Fortnite shop will notice that the Lava Legend Pack is set to make a welcome return. The bundle appears to be doing the rounds in a number of regions, with more being added as time goes on.

The pack features two legendary outfits, known as the Molten Battle Hound Skin and the Molten Valkyrie Skin. There is also the Molten Crested Cape Legendary Back Bling, plus Molten Valkyrie Wings and the Legendary Lavawing Glider.

A New Agency Challenge

Leaks on Twitter suggest that there is a new challenge known as Storm the Agency, which could be hitting the game soon. This will involve locating three Gold Bars within the Agency, and can be found in the Midas office.

Once you have located the three bars the challenge will be completed. We will have to wait and see to learn more about what this challenge involves, but nevertheless it’s looking to be an interesting new feature to be added.

New Cosmetic Wraps

Finally, we have heard that two new cosmetic wraps have been found in the game’s files. They are allegedly set to appear in the next update, which should arrive soon. The first is AlienVine, which gives a cool green skin to your weapon. Meanwhile, Pizza Pit is more of an obvious skin. If you’re a fan of pizza, then needless to say you are going to like it.

There is yet to be a date announced as to when these new Fortnite items will be added to the game, or when the alleged gameplay changes will be made. If and when they arrive, it seems as if players could have something to look forward to by the end of this month. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for more information on what Season 3 may bring.

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