Cool Hobbies And Skills To Learn From Home

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We will be home for quite a while. Staying at home not only affects productivity but also gets boring. So here are a few relatively different hobbies and skills that are quick to get into and learn from home, even for the lazy ones. This is the time to learn! And survive of course.

Digital Music

There are two main ways to make music: real instruments and software. If you have instruments then great, you can use that and learn sounds. Of course, there are other extras that you may well need as well, particularly if you want to go big with it.  As well as the instrument, you may want to consider sound recording equipment, soundproofed recording studios, and the best looper for multiple instruments. What if you don’t? Well, no worries. Music software also called DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) work just as well. They are free, comprehensive, and exciting!

DAWs have more features than traditional instruments. You can edit audio, record live instruments and voice, mix audio, etc. Have you ever thought how two songs would sound together? Using a software, you can play multiple songs in-sync as well as cut, add, and alter even the smallest parts of any song. Of course, mixing two songs together is just one example. Who knows, you might just end up creating an original song.

Creating music can be a fun hobby and a valuable skill to learn from home, it depends on how you approach it. Either way, it is always a rewarding experience!

Read this if you want to know more!

Connect With People In Different Ways

Communication is more varied than ever before. From spamming memes to having deep conversations at 2 AM, everything is possible. As people, we naturally want to talk, listen, and connect to others no matter where we are.

Get a digital pen-pal

For one, you could try the app ‘Slowly‘. This app imitates the proper pen-pal experience. First, create a profile, nickname, and verify that you are a real person. Then, you can select your interests and the app matches you with people accordingly. Now this is where ‘Slowly’ diverts from the norm. The letter you send will take days to reach the other person. Greater distances equal more number of days. However, the app urges you to write lengthy and the community is positively engaging. Also, if you send at least one letter each day, you will ultimately have a regular give and take of letters anyway.

This surely makes communication more meaningful for you. With fantastic reviews and a community like that, you are just one letter away from something new!

Join the creative round table

Poems and stories are eternal and resonate with us deeply. Draw from your creativity inside and display your mind to the world. ‘Commaful‘ is a great app if you wish to get innovative with words. What this app does differently is that it offers impressive backgrounds to your words, which vividly set the mood of your art. You can write short-stories, random thoughts, poems, fan-fiction, romance, etc. and the app will give you visuals. You could upload visuals of your choice too. So, you can basically create a catalog of catchy picture-books instead of just plain texts. You could say it’s like making memes but with a poetic edge.

Commaful also has social media elements. Other creative people such as you can like, comment, and share your art. You can, of course, read the works of others too. You can learn from home about your own writing style and be inspired by others.

Mental Workout

Our mind can reach places that even spaceships can’t. It is not only fulfilling to indulge in exploring our mental capacity but also damn useful.

Learn how to learn

The fundamental of fundamental. Learning how to learn is more than just the title, it is an entire process of understanding how your brain works. You can learn time management, psychology, memorization, etc.

Change your approach to learning and it can make you better motivated.

Critical And Creative Thinking

For starters, get out of your favourite genre. Read something new then write something new. Or, write 100 words without thinking about anything. Just let your mind flow.

Hit up your chat with the ‘one sentence story’ game. Basically, you will start a story with one sentence. Then, someone else will add one sentence to the previous and so on. This way, you will basically build an entire story.

You could also make memes and play video games like Civilization, you know. Don’t underestimate them!

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