A Quick Guide to Apex Legends’ Revenant

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Season 4 of Apex Legends brought the newest champion, Revenant, to the fold. As with every new addition, players have to figure out how to use him effectively. After all, the Champion title is only for the winner. The sweet Apex Legends currency is just a bonus. Here’s how you can play Revenant competently.

Understand His Abilities

Every hero in Apex Legends has three abilities: A passive, a tactical, and an ultimate one. Understanding how and when to use them will go a long way to playing Revenant efficiently.

Passive Stalker

The description says you walk faster while crouching and climb higher than other Legends. While it seems rather simple on paper, it’s actually better in practice. Since crouching won’t diminish your speed at all, it makes Revenant a great stealth character. You’ll want to play aggressively with him, so sneaking is a great asset when combined with his tactical.

As for climbing, it’s a way to get you to some out-of-the-way places. You’ll be able to ambush campers from unexpected angles. Just make sure to communicate with your team so you don’t get picked off alone!

Tactical Silence

This is your ace when playing Revenant. When activated, he’ll throw a device that will explode and prevent other legends from using their tactical and ultimate abilities. Effects will last ten seconds, so make them count! Be aware that it will not disable abilities that have already been used/deployed. It is only effective when they haven’t activated anything yet. Better still, it uses the off-hand, which lets you multitask while aiming the ability.

Due to its effects, it’s better used right at the beginning of your ambush. Make sure you’re able to push your advantage. Once your ten seconds of silence are up, the opposing team can launch a counterattack. Don’t forget to let your teammates in on your plans for the best results.

UltimateDeath Totem

Using this ability creates a totem that protects those who use it from death. After interacting with the totem, their appearance becomes something like a shadow. Upon ‘death’ in that form, users return to the totem.

While a ‘free resurrection’ ability, it comes with some downsides. Shields won’t work when you’re in ‘shadow form’, and you can’t heal yourself. That means things like the Ring or Caustic‘s poison bomb trap are effective against it. You can only stay in shadow form when you’re in range of the totem. If the totem gets destroyed, you return to normal.

The strategic placement of totems is a must if you want to be effective. It should be deployed somewhere near but out of sight of the enemy so they can’t destroy it.

Be Aggressive

If you’re the type to go Leeroy Jenkins, Revenant is the Legend for you. When you look at his kit, you’ll see that it favors bold, aggressive tactics. Playing him means rushing toward enemies, silencing them and making them hurt. They won’t even hear or see you coming since Stalker and Silence shuts down their abilities. If you lose, Death Totem can let you come back for round two.

Communicate With Your Team

One person can only do so much. Make sure you have a constant line of communication with your team so you can have a coordinated push. If you ambush a team alone, you’ll likely get overwhelmed. It helps to rely on your team to be more effective!

And that’s how to play Revenant efficiently. Of course, you’ll need hours of practice to get even better. As you get better, you rack up your account’s value in the Apex Legends calculator. Besides, what’s better than getting the message ‘You are the Champion’ as a reward for your hard work?

Have fun playing Apex Legends’ Revenant!

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