Coffee Talk: A Talk Over Coffee

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A Coffee Talk Coffee Shop

Want to know a little fun fact about me? I’ve always wanted to be a psychiatrist. Well, I may not be willing to go to school for 8 years, but I can play Coffee Talk. Anyone else find it funny to have Fiction Talk write about Coffee Talk? Anyways, this game is a visual novel simulator hybrid. I know that it sounds like a weird combination, but the game is a hidden gem that deserves attention!

A Latte Gameplay

Coffee Talk is set in an alternate Seattle where humans live alongside elves, demons, and more without the racism that the realistic equivalent would have. Rather than seeing their friendly neighborhood bartender to vent to, they come to you. You run a coffee shop and you help shape lives with every cup of joe you serve. Somehow. There are dialogue choices to select from, but they don’t influence the direction of the game. What does matter is what drink you serve them. Weird mechanic, but sometimes a high strung person just doesn’t need a bunch of caffeine. I don’t drink coffee, but apparently it is potent enough to change lives.

When is Coffee Talk Open for Business?

Coffee Talk, which is the name of the shop too, releases on January 30th. It’s to be released on Steam, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, and the Playstation Store. Pretty much anyone can join in the coffee shop blues, but if you can’t wait to help out some lost souls, it has a demo available on Steam and the Playstation Store. Stop in for a non-adult beverage in the place where everybody knows your name.


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