Dungeons and Dra-I Mean Deadlines

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Dungeons and Deadlines

The new DnD is here! Rejoice, my nerdy compatriots, as there’s a game we will get made fun of slightly less. Parents telling you to quit living in fantasy land? Therapist telling you that you play RPGs as a coping mechanism? Ignore the last one. We still can, but in the magical land of corporate politics. Relaxing. Who doesn’t love taxes? In Dungeons and Deadlines, the player uses cards that fall into one of two categories: Work and Life. Players must achieve a perfect balance to see which of five different endings you’ll receive. Work overtime or leave early, the choice is yours! Can you survive your probation period?

Inspiration from Depression

Dungeons and Deadlines was created by Synthwave artist, Miles Matrix, during a bout of self-described extreme depression. Dissatisfied with the meaningless void of life and workplace trauma, Miles sought to use his pain in a way as to voice his emotions. Therapeutic and creative, Miles has turned our greatest obstacle to our success into the gateway of success. Dungeons and Deadlines, despite its conception, is a satirical take on office drama and the neverending life/work balance. Funny in tone and funny in name, Dungeons and Deadlines is the card game for those who feel the same about their jobs as Miles or for those who want to lie to their parents about having a “real” job. Once again, the choice is yours!

How Could I Have Missed Dungeons and Deadlines???

You didn’t! The game is so new that it still has that new game smell. It’s available right now on its own website. It’s a browser game, so don’t pass this one over because of price. It’s at least worth a check to support the developer. You still have plenty of time until your real-life deadlines, so why not relax with digital ones?


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