WWE2K20 Has… Issues After the New Year

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There are, at this point, quite a few games that enjoy annual sequels, and eager fans awaiting their purchase. Most of these often simply mark the difference in each new game by adding the year in their title. Not to say that the format isn’t appreciated, with annual sales of NBA 2K series outselling themselves each year. But these games have a standard of increasing quality each year, not just adding new rosters. In this way, they justify themselves among the community they seek to add their games to in the first place.

Also added into the mix are wrestling games like WWE2K20. Like other sports games, it offers a changing array of players each year. Not only allowing for the usual ability to create your own character. These games let you play as real players in the sport of your choice. Some even offer the chance for you to build your own teams or crew.

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The Issue at Hand in WWE2K20

Sometimes, there are hiccups, and nobody in the gaming industry is free from human error. But there are some issues that are funnier than others. Lots of gamers who’d gotten their newest wrestling game for Christmas got a rude awakening for New Year’s. The popular WWE 2K series’ most recent release experienced… technical difficulties. Once turning on their consoles for the first time in 2020, copies of WWE2K20 crashed. Players were confused and frustrated, unsure of what would cause this issue. But a tweet, noticed by some, added a little clarity.

So the real issue was not that different from the initial Y2K fears that ran rampant in the late ’90s. The games actually crashed as an issue with the date. Making WWE2K20, unplayable in its title year. The gaming industry has witnessed very few greater examples of irony. But with this workaround and the assurance that somebody HAS to be working on this, players are trudging on. You can never keep a dedicated fan from their fandom of choice. But this programming glitch is one that will probably not be lived down too soon.

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