Round Two! New Season of ‘Dr. Stone’ Announced

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Stone Wars Saga Will Continue With a Brand New Season of Dr Stone

The final episode of the first season of Dr Stone was released on Friday. But not without an announcement that a brand new season is on its way in the near future! The highly anticipated manga series from Shonen Jump (weekly) was adapted into an anime series by TOHO animation earlier this year in July. The anime series has been an outstanding success. The series has left fans wanting more so the announcement of this news will be more than welcomed by fans. The brand new season of Dr Stone will continue the story arc of the Stone Wars Saga. Dr Stone is available to watch now on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki begins with a student named Taiju, who for the past five years has been in love with his friend, Yuzuriha. Deciding that enough is enough in teenager-like fashion, he arranges to meet her underneath the tree at their school to finally confess he’s in love with her. Suddenly, before he gets the chance to confess how he feels, a bright light comes and turns the whole human race into stone!

Determined and focused to see Yuzuriha once again to tell her how he feels, he stays conscious until one day he breaks out of the stone that confines him. Over three thousand years have passed and all of civilization has vanished and the rest of humanity is still petrified. Civilization is truly back to basics. Taiju eventually finds his gifted science fanatic friend Senku, who has been freed from the stone for the past 6 months.

With Senku’s natural science smarts and Taiju’s determination, they begin their quest to rebuild civilization from scratch once again. We took a deeper and in-depth review of the first few episodes of Dr Stone.

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