Darwin Project Is Set for Full Release on January 14th

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Survive! Darwin Project Is Back for a Full Release

Darwin Project is hoping to make a comeback in a blaze of glory with a full release next week on January 14th. The Scavengers Studio title will also be making its debut on PlayStation 4 for the very first time next week as well. This quaint battle royale title has been available to play in early access on Xbox One and PC but is now ready for a full-scale official release.

Fight in the Arena

Taking place in the Northern Canadian Rockies, the imminent Ice-Age is upon us, in response to this, “Darwin Project” is launched. An experimental scientific study and the other half simply battle royale for our amusement– because we all got to be entertained when the impending post-apocalyptic world is upon us, right?

This adenine pumped battle royale throws 10 inmates into an arena against the natural elements. Along with short and long-range attacks in the player’s arsenal. As well as gathering gear and tools to aid you in taking down your opponents – fight until you’re the only survivor.

However, Darwin Project comes with a unique feature that certainly adds a dynamic punch and Hunger Games atmosphere into the formula. Each match can be affected by “The Show Director” (or viewers through the spectator experience via Twitch and Youtube stream), which has the power to cast hazardous environmental invasions that affect the arena and the contestants participating. E.g. a nuke, gravity storm or zone closures. This creates the potential of an uncontrollable aspect to each and every game. It’s certainly an ambitious feature to attempt to try and bring in viewers and streamers actively participating with one another.

What’s new?

The official trailer has revealed new features including a new class system. Which features three classes:

  • Jet Wings
  • Grapple Gauntlet
  • Headhunter Drone

These classes are visible and are in full swing in the trailer. We also know that new customizable skins will be available in the dressing room and a new resource is on its way. In addition, we also saw in the trailer that players can choose from a list of abilities that include the following:

  • Radar
  • Invisibility
  • Turret
  • Shrink

Darwin Project originally came out back in March of 2018 after being announced at PAX East 2017. The game had a rocky start due to the giant mammoths of Fortnite and PUBG dominating the battle royale genre. Along with the added factor that it was a paid title, however, Scavengers Studio adapted to the situation and since have made it a free-to-play and have kept making improvements. Or the way the announcement trailer elegantly put it, “I’ve just been minding everyone’s business in the Arena here”.

Darwin Project’s full release is due to come out on January 14th, on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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