Simulators are an Infinite Genre

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Simulators of Life

Are you alive right now? If not, simulators are ready to help you experience what you’re missing. On the chance that you are good and well, simulators are still waiting in an alleyway with a trenchcoat to give you a taste of the forbidden. Why be a human when you could live life as an insect? That’s right: an insect. A bug’s life can go from a Pixar movie to the new title of your autobiography. Don’t act like you’re not tempted. From truck drivers to cats to grass, there is almost nothing in life that you can’t pretend to be. It is the gaming equivalent of Rule 34.

An Independent Developer

Sarah Willsteed is a developer building a new simulator game that will let players assume the role of a variety of different creepy crawlies. With more simulators than pokemon in the national dex, this feat doesn’t seem special. What makes it special then? Sarah is running the entire show solo. There’s no staff, no fledgling studio, nothing. This simulator is made entirely of her blood, sweat, tears, and coffee stains. You might be thinking that a game made by a lone developer could be a little dicey, but this simulator is well-made, even compared to games with bigger crews. Sarah Willsteed just might be a developer prodigy with a promising future. As of December 2nd, Insect Simulator is available for PC on Steam.

Insect Simulator

Insect Simulator has much more going for it than the average simulation game. Instead of playing as one bug, you get options. As of now, the only available insects are the Goliath Bird Eating Spider and the Fire Ant, but more are planned for the future. The choices don’t stop there! Players are faced with options for where to build a nest and how to acquire food. Whether a tree or garage, every home comes with its own challenges and benefits. Being an insect has never brought so much buzz.

Integration of Simulators

With VR no longer being science fiction, simulators are more viable than ever. In the ancient times of 10 years ago, simulation games were computer endeavors with basic mouse controls. The player could live out their fantasy of being a European truck driver, but there was no immersion. Modern VR headsets have revolutionized a niche genre and brought it into the limelight. There’s Spider-Man VR and Iron Man VR, not to mention video game remakes like Skyrim VR. In the past 5 years, virtual reality simulation has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. Simulator games already had an army of titles and as long as anything exists, the genre can never die.


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