“Superman and Lois” Brings Some Legacies to Arrowverse

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Every new addition to CW’s Arrowverse adds more layers to the mythos. Fans are eagerly devouring each morsel of news, especially now with the recent announcement of the show Superman and Lois, including the Arrowverse versions of each character. Tyler Loechlin reprising his role as the caped boy scout and Elizabeth Tulloch as the intrepid reporter. These characters have been popular casting choices ever since they premiered. A show for them seems destined for success with the fans.

This sort of thing could strengthen the bonds of the CW’s connected shows to allow for deeper meaning. That’s the beauty of having this interconnected universe. It grows each character to deeper levels. But aside from deeper character development and more superheroic action, there are a few casting surprises.

Who is This Arrowverse Show Introducing?

Most notably, the descriptions for casting calls seem to tell a story of who will be featured. The actual descriptions can be found in this article. But there are two younger male parts that will sound remarkably familiar to comic fans. In fact, the two people seem perfect for only two known characters. Arrowverse will soon welcome Jonathan Kent (Superboy) and Damien Wayne (Robin). While not an actual announcement yet, the descriptions of the characters detail two young boys the right age. They also describe boys who sound like the son of Superman and the darker son of Batman. 

Damien and Jonathan have a… complicated relationship

While this may not mean a whole lot for television fans, comic fans recognize the duo. They have become a pair of unlikely but expected best friends. Their different methods of acting, thinking, and speaking are often at odds with each other. But deep, mutual respect keeps their bond strong and entertaining to readers. This means that, if done well, Arrowverse may soon be able to bring this dynamic to life. That’s exactly the type of character interaction that will keep the Arrowverse going for another generation.

These two characters will be magical when brought to life onscreen. It could even be what’s needed to keep the studio making more amazing comic content. Let’s all hope the momentum carries well into Superman and Lois and nobody jumps the shark.

Jon "Flash" Schmitt

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