Keanu Wanted to See More of Himself in Cyberpunk 2077

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You aren’t the only one who’s happy when Keanu is on your screen. It seems like the Hollywood actor is enjoying his renaissance. Since the massive success of the John Wick series, Reeves is receiving a LOT of work. One of the most hotly anticipated things he’s doing (Other than Matrix 4) is Cyberpunk 2077.

Well, after seeing his work in the upcoming game, it looks like he enjoyed it. While working on the role of Johnny Silverhand, the concept had to be broadened by the developers. This wasn’t bad, they, of course, enjoyed having Keanu’s part increased. But then, after seeing his work, Reeves made a change. Actually pushing to get his screen time in the game doubled. If this doesn’t say he likes the game, I’m not sure what would. He had so much fun working on it he literally wanted more. 

Do We Need More Keanu…? Of Course!

Keanu has received everything from harsh criticism to glowing praise over the years. His acting has been through the wringer of critics and fans alike. But more recently, especially since John Wick, people generally all seem to love him. With his positive attitude and general kindness, it’s hard not to. If you haven’t heard at least one story of him being completely awesome, you haven’t been listening.

Even the news that another Matrix movie was being made could have been taken wrong. The fans overwhelmingly are happy though, especially since Keanu is reprising his role. Another chance to play Neo might just push the fan fever pitch over the edge. If he could return to one of his formative roles, who knows what it could do? Not to mention if Bill and Ted 3 is any good…

If Keanu is having this much fun recording, who knows how much fun it will be to play! The entire internet has been buzzing since news of the game first dropped. With it gaining more popularity as more info was released. The second Keanu was attached fans started going wild. All in all, Keanu was a great decision for CD Projekt Red. It looks like he’s gotten all the hype about their game that they needed.

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