EA Confirms “Exciting Remasters of Fan Favourites”

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EA’s recent financial results have given players better insight into the future of the company and some potential remasters of fan favourite titles. The next fiscal year of 2021 will start on April 1st, 2020. Blake Jorgensen (COO and CFO) has revealed that the upcoming product launches are expected to “Add at least one more sports title to our annual slate” and “Deliver some exciting remasters of fan favourites”. This coincides with the already confirmed Command and Conquer remaster announcement made earlier this year that fans are already enthusiastic about.

Some EA Fan Favourites Look Set to Be Making a Comeback in the Form of Remasters!

If the rumours and theories are true, we’re getting Battlefield: Bad Company 3 on next-gen consoles. However, the natural choice would be to first remaster Bad Company 1 and 2 in order to introduce a new audience to the series.

EA could also bring back a number of other games that qualify as ‘fan favourites’ for remasters. Such as Dead Space, Dragon Age, Burnout and the Need for Speed titles. Those would certainly be welcomed remasters. Another route EA could potentially take is to remaster some more obscure titles. Such as Crysis, Skate or The Sims series that many fans hold in high regard.

And then there’s always the colossus that is the Mass Effect trilogy, which is without a doubt certainly a fan favourite. Who wouldn’t want to see this series upscaled and remastered? This remaster would be a clear crowd pleaser and with good reason. Either way, the chances are these remasters are more likely than not to debut on the next-gen consoles that are launching next year.

For the most part, EA has had a pretty good financial quarter. With interesting snap bites such as the fact that 50% of their unit sales were digital. This certainly gives us better insight into how gamers are purchasing their games nowadays. EA has also expressed an interested in expanding its subscription services. They will also expand on their live services such as Apex Legends and The Sims 4. They also have new plans for new titles and IPs for the fiscal year of 2021. That again would suggest that big titles are more likely to debut on next-gen consoles and push forward the new generation of gaming.

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