Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order What We Know So Far

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When EA announced a new Star Wars game was coming, we had no clue what it would mean. But the title left everyone drooling – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There have been countless games made from the Star Wars series and many haven’t been done well. But not only were EA announcing this game, they were also announcing their return to the Steam platform.

In 2013, EA started its own platform called Origin. Lots of PC gamers didn’t like this, most were highly annoyed. But with Fallen Order EA will return to Steam to the delight of players everywhere. Coming back into the Steam fold with a Star Wars title seems like a good way to recover lost fans. In fact, EA can assume this will be either their best or worst option to gain fans. Either this title will cement them as a quality gaming developer in the eyes of skeptics, or it won’t. But the game itself looks amazing and most fans agree they are eager to try it.

Let’s See the Trailer!

The trailer shows plenty of action and gets fans excited about another Star Wars game. Not just showcasing lightsaber dueling, but giving us a peek into what’s going on. The game itself will follow a new character, Cal Kestis. He seems to be a young padawan at the time Order 66 is given. The Empire has Inquisitors looking for any missed Jedi, lead by the mysterious Second Sister. Along with a few friends and a droid companion, Cal will have to help rebuild the Jedi, as well as survive.

His adventure will take him to several planets new and familiar in a search to become a Jedi. Building your connection to the force and your lightsaber skills along the way, only you can save the Fallen Order. With this title, EA is reminding us that they are an entity to be reckoned with for sure. No fan will be able to resist grabbing a lightsaber when this game is released on November 15 of this year. There’s also another trailer with gameplay available:

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