Ninja Theory is Mastering Mental Health with Gaming

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Game developers Ninja Theory have announced a serious breakthrough in mental health. That’s right, game developers are working on mental health. If this is the first you’re hearing about this, then you need to hear about The Insight Project.

This new initiative comes from the developers of award-winning game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The reason this game received so many accolades is its depiction of mental health. Depicting a warrior with severe mental health issues, it won multiple awards for its realism.

In fact, it was universally hailed as one of the best representations of psychosis in any media. This alone was a win for people who have been often represented as abject villains. For anyone who has had to struggle with any form of mental illness, it can be a stigma just to admit it. Not only that, but so many people don’t understand psychology even on a basic level. This leads to lots of problems for anyone who is neurodiverse. 

Mental Health
Can gaming help us cope with Neurodiversity?

How Are They Helping Mental Health?

Essentially, Ninja Theory is mixing game design and neuroscience to help people deal with mental issues. This is still in a conceptual and testing phase to be sure. But it is a monumental step in the right direction. If even one person is freed of the stigma-filled stereotype of a mentally ill person, this project is worth it.

The project is said to be years from completion, but the early announcement wasn’t an accident. They want to have an open and transparent business model. Considering the areas of the mind they hope to affect, this is definitely good news. 

The basic goal of the project is to give access to therapeutic processes to all. Through gaming and experimentation, Ninja Theory hopes to add more options for neurodiverse people. Even if this project isn’t a quantum leap in psychology, it’s a valiant effort. If nothing else, it shows that there are people out there working for the greater good. Doing anything to help such a diverse group of people can be daunting. But being able to do so with something so accessible as gaming makes it possible.

The initiative is already gathering support and funding, allowing anyone to collaborate. Even if nothing else comes of this, it’s still an incredible way to help people look at psychology differently.

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