‘I’ll Never Forget You’ – A Fitting Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute

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Anyone familiar with the American southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd knows about the tragic plane crash. It was a tragedy that took most of the band from us and left a small handful of people behind. A new documentary called “I’ll Never Forget You: The Last 72 Hours of Lynyrd Skynyrd” seeks to answer your questions. In 1977, at the height of the band’s popularity, a plane carrying several band members crashed. Killed were the band’s lead and backup singers, the assistant manager, and both pilot and co-pilot.

This was devastating news for the surviving members of the band as well as the fans. But this documentary captures the story of the three surviving band members. It shows the time leading up to the tragedy, the band’s good times before, as well as the aftermath.


Missing Those Who Are No Longer with Us…

Coming from a VERY personal place, this documentary is from the experience of the people who lived through this. There has never been a closer or more personal look into this tragedy. Surely not just fans of the band will enjoy this documentary when it is released this December. People who remember the band, as well as newcomers, will all benefit from seeing part of history unfold. There will be exclusive footage of the band, as well as faithful re-enactments of important events.

Based on a book of the same name, the documentary puts a personal spin on a public tragedy. Not only is this a tribute to those who didn’t survive, it’s a time capsule for those who did. There are rare interviews with first responders, as well as a way to understand the tragedy. Overall, even if you’ve only heard of the band, this documentary will set the record straight for sure. Nothing is hidden from view, as this endeavors to tell us all what happened. The documentary is available for purchase and will release December 13, 2019.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bandmates having fun a year before the tragedy

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