Horror Movies Too Scary to Watch Part 1

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In the halls of horror movies, there is a sort of unspoken competition. If you have seen a movie scarier than the rest, it’s your civic duty to share. You are expected to tell other horror movie fans how messed up it was. Sometimes, though, you run into a movie so messed up that you hesitate to show it to other people. This list isn’t for sharing, and some of these movies arguably shouldn’t have been made. Don’t tell all your friends about these movies, they might call the cops. These movies are the ones we will be discussing today. These are NOT for the faint of heart so if that’s you, stop reading.

We will be covering these movies in a series. Starting with this list, we will cover films from different countries all over the world. They are all messed up in their own ways for various reasons. The one connective thread is that these horror movies are almost unwatchable. Either because of gore, subject matter, or some other depravity. But if you wanted a list of movies NOT to show your friends… here it is.

If you’re still here, either for the challenge or for plain interest, then keep going. But don’t say you haven’t been warned. Some of these movies are banned in multiple countries, some of them have been mistaken for snuff films. A few of these movies were even made illegally. This list is only for the most messed up horror movies you’ve probably never seen. So now, those of you still left reading are advised to do so cautiously. We will not be held responsible for anyone left behind. So without further ado, here are the first nine films on the list.

Here We Go…

9. Cabin Fever (2002)

These kids are looking for a secluded party spot in the woods. Luckily, they find one. Unfortunately, there’s the small matter of a flesh-eating virus. In typical horror fashion, these teens go from partying to dying quickly. The visual effects are what put this movie over the top. Seeing someone’s skin peel off is never fun, but somehow in this movie, it’s even worse. Don’t watch this before going camping!

8. Evil Dead (1981)

Sam Raimi’s horror classic is more campy humor than horror… most of the time. There is still a serious amount of gore in this movie. Not to mention Raimi addressing some subject matter nobody else would want to touch. This movie has gore and blood in equal amounts, but it will leave you feeling icky.

7. 2001 Maniacs (2005)

A group of college kids gets turned around in the deep American south. They come upon a small relic of a town seemingly a Civil War leftover. But soon the townsfolk reveal themselves to have a dark hunger. These kids will have to figure out what’s going on before they end up on the menu.

6. ABC’s of Death (2012)

Yeah, this movie is 26 different short films combined. Each one showcases a gruesome death highlighting one letter of the alphabet. There’s body horror, animal attacks, and even one death by orgasm. I’m not kidding. This movie is a severely messed up anthology of shorts. Watch at your own risk.

Let’s Ramp it Up!

5. Inside (2007)

First off, if you’re pregnant, just don’t read this one. In this French film, a deranged woman breaks into the home of a pregnant lady. The movie itself is a stressful endeavor, with the home invader trying to steal the baby. Willing to cut it from her victim’s stomach, she doesn’t seem all that worried about killing. This one will have you locking your doors forever.

4. Human Centipede (2009)

It’s hard not to be aware of the concept behind this modern horror classic. While the story might not make any real sense, the scares are there. A maniacal doctor tries to surgically join three people into one digestive tract. This is just as disgusting as it sounds and is a living hell for his victims. The fact that this movie got two sequels makes me worry about humanity.

3. Dead Snow (2009)

Nazi zombies? Yes, it’s been done before, but never quite so well. This movie is severely messed up, but if you like horror, check it out. Not quite as disturbing as other entries on this list, but definitively gory! You’ll get your fair share of blood and guts in this campy popcorn horror.

Bring it On Home

2.Hostel (2005)

So the worst part about this movie is that somewhere, somehow, you feel like it’s happening. The entire feeling of this movie is revealing the truth, not creating fiction. That’s what blurs the line in this movie, nothing is beyond belief. There’s no need to suspend your disbelief for this horror movie. It’s all too believable that these events happened or are happening today.

1. Maniac (1980)

This horror movie is about someone obsessed with mannequins who starts murdering women. After which he dresses the mannequins in the clothes of his victims. This film is unique in that it almost (almost) makes the killer sympathetic. Not saying you’ll like the guy, but by the end, it’s hard not to feel for him.

Moving Forward

As we continue with this series, there will be other, much darker films discussed. This list is just to whet your appetite for the next articles in the series. Moving down the list we will go darker, get scarier, and visit other countries. All along the way, we will make the trip together, looking over our shoulders. Gotta make sure there isn’t something right behind you… in the shadows. Just waiting to pounce.

If you’re already craving for more make sure to check out part 2 and part 3 of this series for even more gruesome horror movies.

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