You’re Doomed: The First Release from Black Dragon Studios

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You’re Doomed!

Better panic and scream because you’re doomed! Actually, that’s just the title of the debut title of Black Dragon Studios. Black Dragon is an ambitious project by the trio Jon, Julian, and Chris. All three have rich histories either teaching about video game production or being directly involved in the development of one. If you cut these three, you’ll see games spill out instead of blood. Having all quit their jobs a year ago to found their company, they are about to see the fruits of their labor. There’s just one catch: money.

Support or You’re Doomed!

Doomed to never see a beautifully colorful and chaotic 3D twin-stick shooter, that is. Isn’t that also a scary fate? You’re Doomed has recently been put up on Kickstarter to help it see the light of day. Black Dragon Studios is looking for around 36 grand to fund the release of the game. This is, obviously, a significantly lower production cost than most games. To show their appreciation and goodwill, Black Dragon is offering a slew of tier rewards. Whether you throw in a buck to get your name in the credits or several hundred for custom characters or merchandise, the studio is ready to pay back their noble backers.


You’re Doomed is a top-down, 3D, instant gratification, drop-in co-op, retro shooter. It plays like a Bullet Hell and has non-stop action as you plow your way through five groovy sci-fi levels. Pick one of four ‘roided out characters with goofy designs and equally humorous backgrounds. Be an ambitious musclehead, an ex-space rugby player, a muscly recruit trying to get his space legs, or an over-the-top 97-year-old security officer celebrating her freedom from student loans. A colorful cast, a colorful environment, and a colorful mess of baddies make for crazier gameplay than Extreme Exorcism.

You’re Doomed to Enlist

You’re Doomed is designed to be as accessible as possible. Its release is intended for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch with Mac and Linux joining if funding goals are met. If you want to help in more ways than a donation, You’re Doomed is also available in Pre-Alpha on GameJolt and Discord for free.


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