Top 9 Best Borderlands 3 Weapons With the Highest Damage Output

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Anyone who played the previous games in the series knows that guns run the game. The franchise is fueled by these weird and wacky weapons. Borderlands 3 isn’t an exception. With new and returning equipment, the possibilities and combinations are endless.

Here are the top Borderlands 3 weapons in the game:

King’s/Queen’s Call

This Jakobs-manufactured pistol is one of the most damaging guns in the game. Its special effect ricochets three bullets and returns three bullets to your pack for every critical hit made with it. Ricocheted bullets may loop back to the original target if it’s still alive. The difference between these two is the elemental effects they can spawn with. King’s may receive incendiary, shock, and corrosive, while Queen’s may get cryo, radiation, or corrosive.

With a critical build, you have the potential of a one-character army with infinite ammo. It’s an all-purpose gun you can find in Destroyer’s Rift on Pandora. Tyreen the Destroyer has a chance to drop either when defeated.

The Duc

If you’re unlucky enough to not get the above weapon, The Duc can serve as a replacement. It, however, ricochets two bullets and doesn’t return any ammo on critical hits. You’ll still want it because it’s practically a ricocheting sticky grenade launcher. Projectiles from this gun will stick onto targets and explode a moment afterward.

It’s a little more forgiving of lower accuracy than the above pistols. Bullets won’t ricochet when you miss, but will still explode. It’s up to your preference (or luck) to use any of these pistols. Get The Duc from any loot-able object.

Lucian’s Call

The assault rifle version of the above guns, it ricochets and returns two bullets on critical hits. You’re sure to get high damage from this weapon. Lucian’s Call can drop from any loot source in Borderlands 3.


Crossroad is an SMG with the possible prefixes of Hostile, Cash-Infused, and more. It fires four to six (rolled stats may vary) projectiles for the price of two. If you’re able to get one with an elemental effect, slap that on your elemental-focused Amara and watch the world burn. It does very high damage on other characters as well.

You have the chance to get the Crossroad from any enemy or weapon container.


Aside from the reference to the popular anime and manga Fullmetal Alchemist, this assault rifle can set the world on fire. It’s always incendiary and has high damage output. However, as you cannot gain something without giving something in return, it takes 10 points off your shield or HP (with depleted shields) for every shot. It’s a great weapon for builds that have healing capabilities.

The Alchemist drops from any enemy or suitable container.


Don’t fall for its look, this gun is a rocket launcher. It’s a portable mortar, to be precise. Projectiles rise into the air, explodes into smaller rockets, and blanket the ground with a rain of epic booms and radiation. Use it to carpet bomb a wide area, preferably outdoors. If the initial rocket hits an obstacle, the rest of the gun’s special effects won’t proc.

Its name and red text seem to refer to the scene in the movie ‘Iron Man’ where Tony Stark demonstrates his new line of Jericho missiles. Any enemy or container has the chance to drop this gun.


Shotguns are plenty strong by themselves. What they lack in range, they make up for in ferocity at mid to close ranges. The Torgue-manufactured Flakker takes that fact up to eleven and adds explosions. For a price of five ammo per shot, you fire a triangular wall of explosions that have increased splash radius. It’s great at flushing out enemies from behind cover or as a crowd control tool.

No set boss or container will drop this shotgun. It may drop from anyone or anything in Borderlands 3.

One Pump Chump

It’s another tripped out shotgun, this time manufactured by Jakobs. Its one-shot per magazine has its power turned up to eleven and has a 50% chance of not using any ammo. It’s a fitting reference to the manga One Punch Man.

The boss you have to kill for this weapon is named One Punch as well. Find him in Lectra City.


The final gun, Lyuda, is a sniper rifle. It’s rapid-fire, with two additional projectiles that fan out after a certain distance. While not as accurate as other sniper rifles, it’s accurate even when hip-firing. That makes it a good weapon for getting a second wind. Its red text also might have a hidden damage multiplier that stacks the pain even more.

It is a world drop, meaning any enemy or loot container may have it. However, you could try farming Captain Traunt for it.

Eridian Fabricator

The title said there are only nine guns to be featured in this article. This one is just a bonus. It’s not an awesome gun because of its damage or effects, but because it shoots guns. That’s right, it’s a gun that shoots guns. You might have seen it in one of the trailers.

Unfortunately, it only shoots out uncommon (green) to epic (purple) guns, while everything on this list is at the legendary rarity. It also uses up Eridium, the currency you also use for buying from Crazy Earl’s Vending Machine or Moxxi’s Eridium slot machines. The gun uses up 10 Eridium per magazine, for ten guns.

Aside from King’s/Queen’s Call and the Eridian Fabricator, these guns can be farmed from any boss. The recommended bosses are Graveward and Captain Traunt. When you’re playing offline, Loot Tinks is also a viable way to farm.

The game allegedly features over a billion guns. Everything on this list is a suggestion. If you find that another gun works for you, that’s perfectly okay. Find what works for you among the billion guns in the game.

Happy shooting!

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