The Division 2: Top 5 Weapons for PvE

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is packed with all sorts of powerful guns. As of now, there are six tiers of weapons: Worn (white), Standard (green), Specialized (blue), Superior (purple), High-End (orange), and Exotic (red-orange). The number of guns available in The Division 2 is excessive, to say the least; there are multiple variants of almost every single weapon, so it’s not easy to determine at first glance which weapons are the best ones to use.

Choosing the right firearms can make or break the game, so to speak, as each gun is catered to certain situations. But of course, some weapons will always be better than others. With that in mind, here are the top 5 best weapons in The Division 2 for every scenario.

Light Machine Gun: M60

The M60 LMG is a true powerhouse. For the most part, Light Machine Guns aren’t exactly all that great for long-ranged combat due to their insanely strong kickback, but the M60 can deal a ridiculous amount of damage per second–near the top of all automatic weapons’ DPS.

Furthermore, it can fire up to 100 bullets before it needs to reload. Whether you want the M60 as your close-range or mid-range weapon it all comes down to the weapon mods you want to equip it with.

Marksman Rifle: Model 700

While the Model 700 underwent a small nerf a few days ago, it is still not enough to knock it off of its pedestal. The Model 700 is considered to be the best Marksman Rifle in the game. Period. Also, do note that this is specific to the base Model 700 as the M700 Carbon and Tactical are not anywhere near as powerful.

While the reload time of the Model 700 is long, it doesn’t really matter when you are using it to start firefights with enemies who haven’t even seen you yet. After doing this, switch to your other weapons as they advance on your position. By using this Marksman Rifle to call the shots, you can make heads explode before they even know you’re there!

For the attachments, it’s best to start with the VX1 Scope with its 12x magnification. This is especially good since it applies +30% headshot damage, although it makes the reload time all the more time-consuming. Alternatively, you can also rock a close range scope and utilize the third-person crosshairs to use the Model 700 at a closer distance.

Shotgun: Spas-12

In general, shotguns in The Division 2 aren’t exactly the first type of weapon that you’d lean towards. The Spas-12, however, is the best of its uglier siblings. Hailed as the best all-rounder, it has the second-highest damage out of all the shotguns available—just behind the Double Barrel. The Spas-12 has an eight-shell capacity so you can put forth solid damage, provided you can hit all of your shots.

By far the best mod option is the Flexible Tubular Spring because it improves the slow reload speed by 30%, which is the biggest drawback to the Spas-12. In exchange, you lose 10% critical hit chance, but on a single shotgun, critical hits are much less important anyway.

Assault Rifle: MK16

You can’t go wrong with Assault Rifles in general, as they all offer a similar DPS. With that being said, the MK16 has the longest range out of all them and is the best choice if you’re using it alongside something like an SMG, since the other Assault Rifles would leave you stuck with two guns that just perform practically the same job. The MK16 also has one of the slowest RPM rates of its class that help with targets at a longer range.

Pistol: D50

The D50 is the best Pistol available in The Division 2, due to the fact that each bullet deals an absurd amount of damage–even more so than some of the rifles and that’s saying something! While it only contains eight bullets per magazine, it only takes two seconds to reload. You’ll be mainly using this to pistol whip enemies when you quickly switch weapons at close range. When you can have a hand cannon as your third weapon that deals so much damage, who wouldn’t pick this?

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