Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Excavation Points Guide

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In Escape from Tarkov, getting to the excavation points intact is your foremost goal. Escaping is the name of the game, after all. That being said, you should know where all the extraction points are located beforehand, so you don’t end up in the middle of nowhere. Keep this in mind lest you lose all the sweet Escape from Tarkov Items you’ve collected.

Here are the exits in the Shoreline map, classified by which characters can use them.

PMC Excavation Points

There are four escape routes PMC characters can take in Shoreline. They’re rather spread out, so keep in mind the nearest point in relation to where you are. Only one of them is always open, so keep an eye out for the availability of the others. None of these points needs a key or item to use, merely waiting for an opening should be enough.

  • Rock Passage

The Rock Passage is on the southernmost part of the map, past the rock bunker. It’s quite near the hospital. You’ll know it’s available if there’s green smoke rising up on some of the rocks. Be careful as you’ll pass near a scav area.

  • Tunnel

The Tunnel is at the northeastern corner of the map. This is the extraction point that’s always open. It’s somewhere east of the Scav Island, and north of Downtown and the Village. However, it’s not going to be easy getting extracted here because it’s also near a scav area.

  • Pier Boat

If the Rock Passage is on the southernmost part of the map, the Pier Boat is its opposite. At the north of the map is a pier. Sometimes, there’s a boat and you can escape that way. Otherwise, maybe you’re better off looking for another exit. The boat may come later, but there’s no telling how long it will take.

  • CCP Temp

To the west of a shipyard with a crane you can spawn in from is the CCP Temp extraction point. It’s a small gate like the ones in the parking lots. Another landmark is the scav tower to the southwest in relation to the point.

Scav Excavation Points

Scavs have more exit points than PMCs. They have a total of seven in various places around the map. All of them are always open and do not need any item or key to access. On this map, PMCs will have a harder time to extract.

  • Ruined House Fence

To the east of the swamp near the church, there’s a fence. Go along that fence until you see a house through a break in it. That’s the Ruined Hose Fence point. It’s quite near a spawn point, so watch out for other players who might be hostile.

  • Svetliy Dead End

Further north from the Ruined House point is the Svetliy Dead End. It’s in the easternmost part of the village in the east. As a scav, AI scavs won’t be hostile. That is unless you shoot another scav player in plain sight. Be wary of other characters in the area.

  • Ruined Road

Ruined Road is a little to the north of the PMC’s Tunnel extraction point. It runs off the road that leads to the PMC point. In line with that, being in the general area of that particular exit, it’s near the Scav Island as well. There’s also a bunker nearby, though it’s up to you if you want to check it out or not.

  • Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is on the pier on the north side of the map. It’s past where the pier boat would be waiting for PMCs, and there’s a wooden crate nearby. If you got there intact, it would be a good idea to go right ahead and add whatever’s in there to your collection.

  • South Fence Passage

The South Fence Passage is on the southwestern corner of the map. Probably the easiest way to get to it is to follow the power lines that run along the edge of the map from the Rock Passage point. Otherwise, if you’re coming from somewhere near the Road to Customs extraction point, make sure to run along the wall towards the south.

  • Adm Basement

The Adm Basement is in the administration building of the mental hospital in the southern area of the map. The whole hospital is filled with various loot, so watch out for other players in the building. The risks are high, but the reward is worth it.

  • RWing Gym Entrance

It’s another extraction point in the hospital. This time, it’s on the east wing of the building, in the gym somewhere near a pool. Beware as other exits may just lead outside the hospital.

Exit Points Accessible to Both

One last excavation point that both Scavs and PMCs can use is the Road to Customs point. It’s in the western area of the map. You’ll pass a radio tower on the way. There’s a rusted gate as well as an oil drum in front of it. Going near will kick off the extraction countdown.

Now Go and Escape Tarkov!

Everything listed and described here, combined with a thorough understanding of the map, will make you a master of escaping Shoreline. You’ll get all the items and Roubles you need to participate in Escape From Tarkov trading. Remember that everything is a learning process, so don’t be frustrated with setbacks. You’ll get the hang of it the more you practice.

Continue enjoying EST!

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