The Blacklist. Season 7. #17. I watched it! Should you?

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The Blacklist. Season 7. #17. I watched it! Should you?

Season 7 loves a villain who can cook

In the season 7 episode “Twamie Uladaq” of the Netflix series The Blacklist that lovable rogue Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, prepares a scrumptious dish of salmon almondine at the very start of things. It looks delicious, and he offers to share it with the FBI agents who hang around him like fruit flies. But then he sends them on a mission – to discover the secret behind . . . THE ALASKA TRIANGLE.

The Alaska Triangle

Reddington keeps losing truck shipments on the road between Nome and Anchorage, in an area that’s been dubbed The Alaska Triangle. Kinda like The Bermuda Triangle, but without any pina coladas to be had. So he sics his FBI team on the problem. 

Turns out there’s an indigenous ex-Marine who lives in the Triangle who has a grudge against anyone using the highway. He likes to kidnap the drivers and dump the loads in the pristine waters of glacial lakes. So much for his love of the land. 

But wait, season 7 has more in episode 17!

Laura Sohn, as special agent Alina Park, is assigned to the Alaska Triangle Case, but she has been banned from going back to FBI headquarters in Anchorage because of her unfortunate habit of murdering suspects who attack her. She also has a mother thing going on – she believes she killed her mother with an overdose of heroin. Gnarly stuff, right? Turns out she meets the man who supplied her mother with drugs. She shoots him but doesn’t kill him. If you’re wondering why, you’ll have to keep watching more episodes. Since it’s not made clear in this one. 

There’s also a bear trap involved. Which is the second time the writers have used that gambit in the show. Are bear traps a thing now? Should we be giving them for Christmas?

If you can’t beat ‘em, shoot ‘em

Naturally the episode ends with the SWAT team moving in, lobbing grenades and mowing down tree huggers with machine guns.

Oh, but wait! There’s a sidebar with Amir Arison’s role as agent/geek Aram Mojtabai. He confronts his lover with evidence of murder, and . . . 

Well, let’s just say that the show keeps getting more engaging. Keep watching. Because the show is getting to be more like the Marvel Universe all the time.

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