Breaking Down The Happenings In Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4 “Fracture” Live Event

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In the blink of an eye, Fortnite has concluded yet another seasonal installment within its highly successful Battle Royale universe.

Chapter 3 Season 4 ran from September 18th until 4 PM ET today, December 3rd, when its “Fracture” Live-Event began. 

Players that joined lobbies before the event kicked off were placed into lobbies that inhabited floating islands. There wasn’t much to do aside from staring at a countdown timer. 

When the event went live, players were sent into a cutscene depicting many of the game’s beloved characters fending off The Herald from a fortified base atop the Reality Tree.

After some casual back-and-fourth chaos, The Herald becomes enraged and transforms into a giant chromed-out version of herself. With one swift slap of her hand to the top of the tree – all characters are converted into their chrome selves — surprisesurprise.

The camera slowly zooms out far into space, effectively depicting the end of the current Chapter 3 universe.

Unsurprisingly, players are then “respawned” in space. It soon becomes apparent that the Zero Point is the cause for this new, albeit unformed reality. 

It is here that the first cutscene ends, giving players access to their characters. 

Players are now tasked with collecting energy orbs spread out amongst the floating islands in space. Landmarks and scenery from past Fortnite Chapters to feed the Zero Point are visible.

When the player lobby has collected enough orbs, another cutscene begins. 

Effectively, with enough energy, the Zero Point, controlled by Paradigm, begins pulling together old map locations, landmarks, and past-event items from the far reaches of time and space. New territories and landmarks are also drawn into the mix now. 

We see that the new map, composed of bits and pieces of old and new worlds, is beginning to fuse. 

During the end of this last cutscene, players are introduced to just a few of the upcoming skins to enrich the world of Fortnite.

We should expect to see The Hulk (more Marvel, yes), The Witcher (Gerald of Rivia), Doom Guy (Doom Slayer), and even real-life internet personality Mr. Beast. 

If you would like a more visually-appealing retelling of the events above, check out IGN’s Youtube coverage of Chapter 3 Full Finale Event here:

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