Let The Holiday Shopping Begin – 3 Perfect Gifts For The Console Gamers In Your Life Starting Under $50

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The holiday season is upon us, meaning it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the gamers in your life. We’ve got great gift ideas for gamers who feel more comfortable with a controller than with a mouse and keyboard. Don’t worry PC Master Race gamers; we’ll get to you in the coming days. That said, all gifts on this list come in at $50 and under! We’re looking to keep as many coins in your bank as possible. Don’t let the holiday shopping season put you in a bind – we’ve got you covered, comrade. 

An Xbox Series X or PS4 Controller

While we’re thankful for all the graphical processing in the next-gen consoles, we’re not thrilled with the price increases on the associated controllers. You can pick up an Xbox Series X | S controller from Gamestop for $39.99. Likewise, you can pick up a DualShock PS4 controller for $49.99. (As a side note, you can use a PS4 controller with a PS5 console, albeit only to play PS4 games.)

Wireless Controller Charging Stations

Depending on how your gamer uses their controller – attached microphone or not, vibration enabled or disabled – going through a pack of AA batteries may be quick and costly. Instead, opt for a wireless charging station (with included rechargeable batteries). Consider the following:

  • The PDP Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging shuttle for $19.99 (Amazon)
  • The OIVO PS5 Controller Charging Station for $29.99 (Amazon)
  • The OIVO Xbox Controller Charger Station for $26.99 (Amazon)

Xbox & PlayStation Memberships

Many popular games these days offer free-to-play lobbies. In other words, services like Xbox Live are no longer needed. Nevertheless, this is only true for some s and platforms. Check out these two deals to ensure your Xbox & PlayStation gamers get the most significant features. 

  • A Three-Month Membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $44.99 (Gamestop) gives gamers access to hundreds of high-quality titles and online multiplayer lobbies. This option is excellent for those that love trying out dozens of new games without committing to purchasing just one or two.
  • A Three-Month Membership to PlayStation Plus Premium for $49.99 (PlayStation), like Xbox, provides PlayStation gamers access to a comprehensive game catalog, free games, and exclusive content discounts.

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