Pokemon Go: How to Resolve the iPad White Screen Issue?

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Pokemon Go’s white screen of death (WSOD) bug has been around since the app and game were initially released on iOS and Android. The screen turns white when you capture the Pokemon in-game utilizing AR mode due to this mistake. Numerous players reported this problem to the developers, who addressed it. Still, recently with a fresh Niantic update, the glitch has reappeared and is causing a lot of anger among players who can no longer enjoy the game.

Fortunately, the community found a few workarounds, and we’ve put the majority of them below in this article so you can give them a shot if your iPad suddenly goes white.

The reason behind Pokemon Go’s white screen bug

When you attempt to capture a Pokemon using the in-game AR mode, and there is a bug, it appears that the glitch is activated. As a result, when players tap on a Pokemon to catch, a white screen immediately appears in the game. Further investigation revealed that the error also occurs when the iPad’s resources, such as camera access or other game data, cannot be used by the game as intended.

Update Pokemon Go

If you’ve tried everything to solve the white screen but still have issues, the game’s files may have become corrupted; reinstalling the game will fix this. After reinstalling the game, attempt to capture a Pokemon to determine whether the white screen reappears. If not, proceed to the next step. You can also try touching the berry or ball button; the white screen should disappear, and you should be able to continue playing.

Restart the apparatus

The white screen bug that affected iPad users while playing Pokemon Go has been resolved by restarting the device. Once it’s finished, restart Pokemon Go to see if the glitch is still present.

Press the screen’s bottom node

 jpt4jpt, a Reddit user, has discovered a remedy that typically works if you suddenly get a white screen when catching the Pokemon of your choice. Press the bottom of the screen where the AR button would typically be. When you press it, the white screen disappears.

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