The Batman (2022): Fascinating Facts You Must Know!

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The Long Halloween served as inspiration

Non-comic book readers may be unaware that The Long Halloween’s plot served as inspiration for The Batman. The Long Halloween, regarded as one of the best Batman tales, pits a relatively new Batman against a serial killer. The Caped Crusader gets into a cat-and-mouse game with the Gotham underworld and several well-known supervillains.

Unknown to many, The Batman was originally intended to be a direct translation of the comic book plot. But Matt Reeves ultimately decided to drastically alter the storyline.

The Riddler You’ve Never Seen

The Riddler is widely acknowledged to be the movie’s main antagonist. The dark and ominous riddle-master is undoubtedly a step up from the Jim Carrey Riddler from Batman Forever (1995), but it still raises the question: Which Riddler is this? The Riddler is a frequently deadly, eccentric, and borderline humorous in comic books. Though his appearance is based on the Year Zero incarnation, Matt Reeves’ Riddler is based on the Earth-One version, where he is an anarchist. The notorious Zodiac Killer from the 1960s served as some of the character’s further sources of inspiration.

The Watchmen Relationship

Batman records his journal while darkly narrating the events unfolding around him during the movie. Rorschach, another well-known DC character who adopted this tone for his journal, may be remembered by longtime DC fans. The strange and brilliant investigator from the Watchmen movie and books is well known for his speech pattern, mask, and diary. Batman and Rorschach both work as smart, everyday detective-vigilantes in gloomy environments.

Robert Pattinson has admitted that he donned the Batsuit used by performers who have played the Dark Knight during his audition for the latest installment. He wore the mask from George Clooney’s Batman & Robin Batsuit but used Val Kilmer’s Batsuit from Batman Forever (1995). (1997). Pattinson wore the Batman actors’ previous batsuits. The performer explains that he did this to appear genuine in his audition. But sadly, Pattinson had to suffer the heat inside the outfit for hours throughout the lengthy audition procedure. To boast about donning the Batsuit if he wasn’t chosen, Robert Pattinson also disclosed that he had snapped a restroom selfie during a break. Definitely a true nerd!

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