What is it About Kaeya That Makes Him So Strong in Genshin Impact?

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Kaeya has significant damage multipliers. Whether for his regular strikes or his cryo E skill and burst, he is a formidable opponent. His standard attack damage multipliers and scaling are among the highest in the game for sword users, making him one of the strongest physical units overall. With a muscular physique, he can handle 8,000 to 10,000 damage.

As a cryo unit in Genshin Impact, he has a greater chance of survival. His E skill is used to apply powerful cryo, and one of its most well-known applications is the Kaeya Bridge, which freezes the water below so that you can walk on it without getting wet. His ability has the potential to easily do 10–12k Cryo damage if proper investment is made. His elemental blast functions more as a support for sub-DPS and reactions than anything else. Because of his cryo application’s power, he shines brightest when playing in Freeze teams alongside Xinqiu or Yelan. Considering that he is a starting character, each of his icicles can deal between 3 and 4 thousand Cryo damage per tick is truly remarkable.

Other aspects

Cryo Kaeya is a formidable opponent when outfitted with the Blizzard Strayer set and his first constellation, which improves his Critical Hit Rate. Because of his height and the fact that he lowers the amount of stamina that is used up when sprinting, Kaeya is an excellent companion for adventuring. Another aspect of him that most players are unaware of is: You can teleport throughout his typical attack sequence, which can be used to avoid his attacks. 

As a result of these attributes, he is an exceptional starting unit that may maintain his usefulness even late in the game as a cryo support. This is a gift, considering we get him for free early on in the game after unlocking him. That free gift may mislead a lot of players into believing that starter characters aren’t very powerful, but those who’ve stuck with Kaeya from the beginning will know their actual worth.

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