Making a Minecraft Mob Farm

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A mob farm is a redstone contraption that calls random monsters, kills them, and drops their loot in Minecraft. You can use a Mob Spawner to establish a Farm if you could locate one throughout your search. Despite their scarcity, we will illustrate how to construct an All Mob Farm. What is required is as follows:

First, locate a sufficiently large, flat area. Now, utilizing your current Y-Level, construct 128 surface blocks. For this, you can use scaffolding. Construct a standing platform by building a ring of solid blocks. You may use any Blocks of your choosing. You should have a diagonally aligned 7-by-7-inch platform. Create a Cross with seven bricks on each side before constructing the Platform. Then, each end is joined diagonally. 

Placing a Dispenser in the middle of the Platform.

Create a second 77 Platform with a Dispenser in the center by ascending two blocks. You may create as many platforms as you see fit. 

Create a Roof two blocks beneath your topmost Platform. Make sure your Platform is at least 2 Blocks larger than the Roof. On top of the Roof, create the lengthy Redstone clock depicted in the figure using Repeaters and a Comparator. This clock will run over an empty Dispenser.

Place an Observer at the bottom of all Dispensers to monitor it. Next, build a cage block extending from the Roof after completing all other construction.


This will protect each Platform from incoming rays from every direction. The platforms should start producing monsters. Remember to illuminate your Roof, or monsters will spawn there.

Create a funnel containing water that goes to a 1-1 Hole below the final Platform. 

Construct a long tunnel that drops 30 Blocks below the 1-1 Hole. On the bottom, place a Basalt Block and a Dripstone Stalagmite. You will eliminate the mobs in this manner. Mobs will drop and die instantly upon being struck. 

Place a 3 by 3 area of Hoppers underneath the Basalt Block. You can now collect the good stuff dropped by mobs.

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