In Rumbleverse, How to Invite Friends

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The greatest fighters in Rumbleverse, a unique brawler combat royale, are rewarded for their prowess and persistence, and the fists do the talking. It is a brand-new BR produced by Iron Galaxy that has garnered favorable feedback from fighting-game fans and is off to a great start. This is not a remake. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that team fighting multiplies immersion by ten. Rumbleverse, like other BR games, is more enjoyable if you have a friend nearby to cheer you on against the opposition. Are you worried about inviting friends? Don’t worry; we’ve broken down each step of how to invite friends to Rumbleverse in this article.

Rumbleverse has three game modes: Solo, Duo, and Playground, and it works in the same way that other battle royale games do. If you prefer to play with a companion, Duo is the greatest option because it prevents adversaries from overpowering you with numbers and stun-locking you with special attacks. Your friend will appear on the game’s “Friends” tab. If you both own the PC version of the game to play with your friend, you must link your respective platforms to your Epic Games accounts.

How do you welcome friends to Rumbleverse?

Adding friends in Rumbleverse is straightforward if you know what you’re doing. Simply follow the instructions, which will work on any platform, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. See below for details on how to add friends. 

1) The “Add Friends” button, marked by a Plus sign in the center of the screen, can be found on Rumbleverse’s home screen. You can select it by pressing X, which brings you to the “friends” tab. 

2) A list of your addable pals who are currently online will show. Choose “Join” to invite or join your friend. Select the friend now to access several choices, such as reporting players and seeing profiles. 

3) You may now see yourself and your friend in the lobby and start playing together. 

4) To play games with random players again, go to the “friends” page and hover over “Recent Players.” A list of the players with whom you’ve played will show. 

5) If you cannot add friends for whatever reason, go to the Epic Games launcher. Click on the friend’s icon in the launcher to see who else is playing Rumbleverse. You can then add them to the game and play with them.

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