3 Pro Tips for Playing Minecraft

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Minecraft. It has over 141 million players around the world. 

It is quite possibly the most popular game on Earth. Everyone, from children to parents to grandparents has heard of Minecraft, and a good number of them have played it, too.

With that many people playing Minecraft, it’s likely that there are just as many good players as there are bad. Obviously, no one likes being a bad player.

Professional Minecraft players like Dream seem to be simply on another level when it comes to playing the game. He’s been at the top for a while; how’s anyone supposed to get to his level?

If you’re looking for tips for playing Minecraft, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 pro tips for playing everyone’s favorite building game.

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Playing Minecraft Tip 1: Always Carry Water

Water is kind of overpowered when playing Minecraft. It’s like the ultimate get out of jail free card. As it’s so versatile, it’s an incredibly important item to keep on you at all times.

A well-timed water drop can save you from fall damage, it can make it safe for you to cross lava, and water can save your life if you catch fire.

When you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all safety item and don’t want to deal with a potion, water is the way to go.

Playing Minecraft Tip 2: Use Lava for Fuel

When crafting items while playing Minecraft, you need something to use as fuel. Typically, people tend to gravitate towards things like coal or wood to power their smelting table. That’s not the most optimal way to do it, though.

Lava is the most long-lasting fuel source in Minecraft. When you’re just learning how to play Minecraft, you probably wouldn’t realize that, since lava is the big piece of the world that new players tend to steer clear of.

Simply fill a bucket with lava and head over to you’re smelting table. You’ll be able to turn blocks into ingots for days on end.

Playing Minecraft Tip 3: Don’t Make Gold Tools

Sure, gold tools look nice. In real life, you associate gold with durable and long-lasting items, so certainly that would be the case in Minecraft, right?

Not so fast.

Unfortunately, gold in Minecraft is only something that looks pretty. Not only are they not durable items, but in fact, they break faster than the simple wood items you craft at the beginning of the game. Not great!

When you’re crafting items with an aim towards making them last longer, stick to diamonds, not gold.

If you’re looking for a game where gold equipment is top-notch, check out Terreria, and get Terreria server hosting here.

Ready to Game Better?

Now that you know these three tips on playing Minecraft like a pro, you should be able to up your gaming skills. Just remember to always carry water on you, smelt with lava, and avoid using gold to make tools.

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