Are Breaks Necessary for Modern Motorcycles During Long Drives?

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Are Breaks Necessary for Modern Motorcycles During Long Drives?

The easy reply is a two fold yes. One, as long as the engine cooling systems are in good condition. Two, the motorcycle is maintained in accordance with the instructions in your owner’s manual. If so, most modern motorcycles don’t require rest stops during lengthy travels. This is all part and parcel of today’s automobilism.

However, the answer becomes trickier if you ride in a hot climate.

Long-term use of your motorcycle in a warm environment will eventually cause the engine temperature to rise. Your modern motorcycle will warn you if the temperature rises to hazardous levels. In reality, most bikes today will go into what is known as a limp mode before they allow the motor parts to become hot enough to fuse.

In hot climes, riding your modern motorcycle at the red-line for hours on end increases the likelihood that the electronic computer unit will enter limp mode. In other words, you can ride a modern, well-maintained motorcycle for as long as you like. But you’ll have to stop for gas long before your ECU ever approaches the limp state that guards the vehicle against harm.

Do Older Motorcycles Require a Break on Long Journeys?

Older motorcycles typically had fuel tanks that could only go 100–200 miles, so you’ll probably need to stop for gas before your engine is in danger of overheating.

Older bikes lacked ECU-governed safety mechanisms to shut down your engine before it overheated. However, the simple architecture of most bike motors allows them to withstand 100–200 miles of continuous rips under OEM-recommended riding conditions.

It’s crucial to check your bike’s engine temperature as you refuel and to let it cool to a safe operating temperature when necessary. On a hot day, you should wait at least 30 minutes and ideally an hour after riding your older motorcycle to its red-line maximum. Imagine that you are riding your motorcycle as directed by the owner’s manual in a temperate region. In that situation, you’ll probably discover that a little 15-minute break at fuel stops is typically sufficient to maintain an engine temperature safe to operate. 

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