The Ideal Time to Get a New iPhone is When?

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The iPhone 14 will most likely be introduced alongside iOS 16 in the first half of September and released in the second, if Apple stays on its current course. For instance, Apple announced the iPhone 13 on September 14 and it became available for purchase on September 24. The timing was the same for iPhone 11, iPhone 8, and earlier phones. Child tracking features are still a problematic issue for some.

Older iPhone models could become more affordable.

Apple often reduces the cost of earlier iPhone models while unveiling new ones, as it did with the iPhone 12 last year. The 64GB, iPhone 12’s price, was lowered from $800 to $700 after the iPhone 13 was unveiled. The cost of the iPhone 11 decreased to $500 in 2021, in comparison.

The debut of the iPhone this year may even be advantageous for people who want to save money by purchasing an earlier model. If the trend from 2021 continues, Apple is expected to keep the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini in its lineup and reduce the Mini’s price to $500. This is significant since it would make the iPhone 12 Mini one of the most affordable 5G iPhones available. Yes, the $430 iPhone SE with 5G capabilities is less expensive. It is substantially smaller than Apple’s previous phones, has one main camera (most modern phones have two), and does not include Face ID.

Your next phone doesn’t have to support 5G, but it is advised if you plan to keep it for the next three years while those networks develop. Whether buying a non-5G phone in 2022 is acceptable depends on your personal preferences and your work requirements. If you decide to go with the latest, you will pass on a few durability features present on the more recent iPhone models. The material of the iPhone display is one of its major upgrades. Apple refers to the glass as a “ceramic shield.” The ceramic shield glass protecting the phone’s display, made by Corning, is reportedly tougher than most metals. We can vouch for the durability of the ceramic shield of the iPhone. Our testing on the iPhone 12’s drop resistance revealed that it could withstand a fall of up to nine feet. (CNET’s tests on the iPhone Mini produced comparable outcomes.) The display on the iPhone 13 also has the same ceramic shield glass.

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