OPTC, Genshin or TSH? Which gacha game is the most expensive?

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There are many gacha games out there, each one with its own charm and of course, currency. One Piece Treasure Cruise and The Alchemist Code use “gems”, while Fire Emblem Heroes has “orbs”. However, Genshin Impact’s “primogems” are also a thing, just like My Hero Academia: The Strongets Hero’s “hero coins”. However, while they are used to evoke characters or weapons, they do have a slightly different cost. So, which is the most expensive gacha game? Let’s find out!

For this, we will be covering 6 gacha games: One Piece Treasure Cruise, The Alchemist Code, My Hero Academia: The Strongets Hero, Genshin Impact, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Fire Emblem Heroes.

And for this, I manage to get an approximate value in dollars per each currency:

1 rainbow gem for $0.70 dollars (OPTC)

1 primogem for $0.02 dollars (Genshin Impact)

1 orb for $0.67 dollars (Fire Emblem Heroes)

1 hero coins for $0.016 dollars (My Hero Academia: TSH)

1 lapis for $0.016 dollars (WOTV)

1 gem for $0.02 dollars (The Alchemist Code)

Some of the values were converted from mexican pesos, apparently it is a bit hard to find the bundles online in dollars. Anyway, while this can tell us approximately which currency could be the most expensive one, we should consider the full amount of each bundle.

100 rainbow gems for $70 (OPTC)

3,280 primogems for $65 (Genshin Impact)

77 orbs for $51.50 (Fire Emblem Heroes)

3,000 hero coins for $50 (My Hero Academia: TSH)

2,450 lapis for $40 (WOTV)

3,000 gems for $62 (The Alchemist Code)

This is the mid range bundle, almost the same price between each other with slight differences. And now, we can determine which gacha game currency is the most expensive. How? With the amount of pulls you can do with that much in-game money.

Pulls with 100 rainbow gems on OPTC = 2

Pulls with 3,280 primogems on Genshin Impact = 2

Pulls with 77 orbs on Fire Emblem Heroes = 3 and a half

Pulls with 3,000 hero coins on TSH = 1

Pulls with 2,450 lapis on WOTV = 1

Pulls with 3,000 gems on The Alchemist Code = 4

Yikes! With these, it seems TSH is the most predatory one. Why not WOTV? Be there in a moment.

First, the most rewarding ones seem to be: The Alchemist Code, Fire Emblem Heroes, Genshin Impact and OPTC. However, the only game from these four that has a pity system is Genshin Impact. This makes it more rewarding since it actually advances you further into getting a 5 star character, which you can try to pick.

FE and OPTC don’t have that and if we consider that the very first 2 pulls you made with those 100 gems are on a regular banner, you won’t get much out of it. FE rates are bad as well and its pulls are not 10’s but 5’s, so those 3 pulls are actually 1.5, compared to other games. And you are restricted to color, which if you wanted a “gray” unit but only got greens, you are pretty much screwed. Or you can reset the banner but lose orbs pretty quickly.

Now, TSH. Pretty crappy, honestly. At least WOTV usually offers you a guaranteed 5 star on a special banner for 2,000 lapis, so it is a good investment. But in the end it sucks, because it forces you to pull for the same unit repeatedly to fully unlock its abilities. Here is a turnaround: the very first time you buy those 3,000 hero coins, you get the double amount. Yay, 2 pulls. The good thing is that TSH has a pity system so that compensates, right?

But bad news, you must pull for the same unit repeatedly, just like WOTV. So this looks pretty disheartening, right? At least we can crown a winner in all of this: the most expensive gacha game right now is TSH.

Now I want to touch another subject: most rewarding game and the clear winner is The Alchemist Code. Not only can you pull 40 units with its 3,000 gems but it also offers a way of leveling up characters without resorting to pulling for the same units over and over again. It helps, but it’s not necessary.

In second place, Genshin Impact, thanks to its two pity systems, the 50/50 and the guaranteed unit. Despite the lack of content in some occasions, it offers a way to reinvest the primogems by acquiring more wishes from the shop.

In third place, I call a tie between OPTC and FE Heroes, more inclined to One Piece. Why pull 15 units and be forced to pick a color while you could pull 30 and have a shot of luck. And in fourth place, WOTV, thanks mostly to its banners that help you get guaranteed units for the paid currency you got. Also, it updates frequently with content, which is nice.

Finally, the biggest loser of all, ONCE AGAIN, the worst gacha game: My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Terrible pity system, awful expensive currency and heck, it’s not even worth it. There are weeks without content and months without new characters. This makes it the worst gacha game to invest in general so be sure to stay away from it.

Man this was exhausting. Hope you like it! Be sure to check other articles from Fiction Talk here. And I’ll see you in the next article.

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