4 upcoming gacha games that will shake the world

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In a world where Gacha games run strong with very little, whether as a known franchise or a new IP, the thought of a Gacha game as good as a AAA Title like The Legend of Zelda was ridiculous. But then came Genshin Impact, and the landscape changed forever.

There could be games like this for FREE! All while maintaining the Gacha system that runs thanks to people who believe themselves unlucky or masochists like me. However, another shake up is coming.

After the massive success of Genshin Impact, several companies have been plotting and preparing to take some of the success that HoyoVerse created for themselves. And there are 4 Gacha games specifically that are gearing up to try exactly this. Nonetheless, interesting times are coming, thanks to these 4 upcoming titles that I think will transform the gaming world.

Seven Deadly Sins Origins

This won’t be the last time we talk about Netmarble. Because of the success of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, the franchise is more important than ever. Even with the main story finished some time back, it’s still running strong, thanks mostly to its Gacha game.

As you can imagine, with its 3rd Anniversary coming, things are looking good. But they are about to get better. 

All thanks to an upcoming open world game called: Seven Deadly Sins Origins. It has many similarities to Genshin Impact, like its exploration, combat, and stamina systems. Imagine all that with a big and important franchise (again, back to that in a bit) just like Genshin? We’ll have to wait and see but so far, it’s looking very promising. Oh and you can pre-register here.

Black Clover Gacha game

While it may not be as big as other games we are touching upon, the upcoming Black Clover game seems very enticing. Expected to be an open world game to the same extent as 7DS: Grand Cross(as mentioned earlier), it’s rumored to have a turn-based combat system and will feature most(if not all) of the characters from the manga/anime franchise. Sounds like a deal! Especially if it shows graphics like the ones in the trailer we leave right here.

The combat system may not be likable to many. But 7DS proved that turn based combat can still be good, if it’s well implemented. This could be one of the biggest games of the year.

One Piece Dream Pointer

Currently, the One Piece franchise is having the time of its life. Not only surprising fans within its anime and manga (don’t get me started on the manga), but also the video games department. So much hype! Treasure Cruise is still going strong after 8 years and the upcoming Odyssey game is scheduled, there is another surprise on the way.

Dream Pointer, a Gacha game developed by Netmarble. Yes, them again. And though it doesn’t seem as big as 7DS: Origin, it does look promising. Imagine, all the things that make Grand Cross a great game, mixed with the One Piece magic. 

The trailer above shows that the gameplay will be similar to Grand Cross, offering the card combination system to upgrade the characters’ attacks and abilities. While it’s planned to release for China in 2023, it should have a global release at a later date, so we’ll have to wait until we can try the game. And honestly, I think there’ll never be enough One Piece games.

Tower of Fantasy

Here it is, the Genshin killer. Tower of Fantasy, is an upcoming Gacha game that seems to be targeting the Genshin Impact fanbase and audience. The game has been released in China and will soon be released in Taiwan, which means that a global version could be in the future.

Pressure is mounting for Perfect World Games, since it has a lot to do if it wants to compete with the powerhouse that is Genshin Impact.

So far, I think the game looks good and time will tell if it will be able to compete with, or even surpass the genre breaking Genshin Impact.

If you’re a fan of Gacha’s it sure is a great time to be a PC or mobile player! There are many games out there that we still don’t know are being developed. So if you know one that wasn’t mentioned in the article, let me know in the comments!

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