Lost Ark Hits nearly 1 Million Peak Players on Steam Charts

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Lost Ark, the Korean Action MMOARPG by Smilegate Studios, has passed predecessor New World, hours after the free-to play launch of the long awaited title according to Steam Charts. The game had 983, 483 Players or at the same time.

On the 8th, players who purchased a founders pack were able to get a head start. However, there are now many eager fans jumping in for free.

Launch of the Lost Ark was delayed for 8 hours today. This caused a rough start but the developers on Twiiter handled it professionally. The situation seems to have settled down now that players can access Arkasia’s troves.


We anticipate that the peak user record for lost ark will be broken again by the weekend.

Lost Ark Beats New World on Steam Charts of 983,483

James Laight

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