LCK 2022 Spring: Peanut returned to the stage, GEN beat NS

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After T1 tied in the first place and remained the only undefeated team in the league by taking down GEN, LCK 2022 Spring Split is back on the action. Several teams such as NS, GEN, and DRX had to implement their academy players to starting roster in the previous week due to COVID-19 cases. Chovy and Ruler were the only two players that could play against T1. The COVID situation was worst for NS. Their encouraging loss against Kwangdong Freecs was inevitable in the absence of Bdd and Canna.

On the first day of Week 5, Nongshim Redforce faced off GEN to compensate their loss against KDF. Effort and Canna were not able to play in the series. On the flip side, GEN lacked Doran in the top lane, and Zest was promoted to starting roster. Both teams had to win to stay close to the top, and GEN closed the series with two consecutive wins.

Peanut is back!

Game 1 saw GEN taking control of the early game by pressuring Slyvestie. To fill the vacancy left by Canna, Dread played in the top lane against Zest, and this move undermined their game plan. Although there was an academy player, Zest, in the opposing team, why did NS pull Dread into top lane instead of using him in his original role? Considering Peanut returned to the league after missing the most important series for GEN in the last week, NS should have played Dread as jungler to resist his appetite.

GEN demolished NS in terms of the global gold lead while Peanut put dragons in his pocket one by one. It has been seen again that Ryze with tank build is useless from a certain point. He could not handle Viktor in the mid-late game, and Chovy ruled over skirmishes. In a 30-minute one-sided match, GEN beat NS without difficulty. Lehends also had an excellent match with Karma, finishing with a scoreline of 0/0/13.

Game 2: Fiora was in the top lane against Tryndamere

GEN picked Fiora for Zest to hold out against Trydamere’s capability of split push on the side lanes. Lee Sin shined on the early game, and Peanut took the lead on neutral objectives just like in the first match. GEN’s bot lane had nothing to do with the game because the top trio, including the newest member of the team, Zest, led them to victory over Nongshim RedForce.

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