Terraria 1.4 Console – Everything you should know

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In May of 2020, the supposed final update for Terraria was released for PC players. The release came later, however, for the Terraria 1.4 console version. There’s a lot that goes in to porting a release to a different platform so it has been quite the wait for many gamers. This version was the latest release since 2017 and one of the biggest updates in it’s history. We’re so excited to finally see it come to all other platforms!

Switch Gets Terraria 1.4 at Last

Playstation and Xbox received the 1.4 Journey’s End update on September 30th of 2021. But it wasn’t until very recently that it was released for the Nintendo Switch.

Terraria 1.4 Console

While we’re happy to see it launch on the Nintendo Switch, it’s bittersweet for some of us that have been waiting for cross-platform compatibility. This is due to the version differences right now across all platforms. Hopefully these updates will catch up and make it to all platforms. Then we may finally be able to play with our friends regardless of which system they are running it on.

New Game Modes in Terraria 1.4 Console

With the release of 1.4 Journey’s End there are 2 brand new game modes to play which feature a new way to play and experience your new worlds.

Journey Mode

This game mode allows more customization to the way that players control various aspects of the game. The Power Menu enables players unique powers that are give more accessibility to many systems of the game.

Players now have access to a menu that enables duplication of previously researched items. Researching items destroys them but then allows them to be able to be duplicated.

Terraria 1.4 duplicate items

There is a Time menu which can be used to change the time of day or night, freeze time, and alter the speed of time.

Terraria 1.4 time menu

Control the weather

With the Weather menu you can change the presence and direction of wind and rain.

Terraria 1.4 change the weather

You can also change the spawn rate of monsters and the difficulty mode as well.

Terraria 1.4 difficulty slider

Master Mode

Master mode is the highest difficulty now available past the previous hardest difficulty mode, Expert. In this mode the enemies have 50% more health and damage than in Expert Mode. There are also other challenges and unique master mode specific rewards from every boss.

Speaking of bosses, there are 2 new bosses to find and defeat: Queen Slime and the Empress of Light

Queen Slime terraria 1.4 console journey's end
Queen Slime
Empress of Light terraria 1.4 console journey's end
Empress of Light

Two new NPCs are available to move into adequate housing. The Zoologist and The Golfer. Both of these add a new mechanic to the game. The Zoologist rewards players for discovering new enemies, allies and critters in the new Bestiary Menu.

Bestiary zoologist terraria

The Golfer adds a new Golf minigame to the world.

terraria 1.4 console golf

Swap Blocks

A much needed frequently request feature and quality of life change has been the ability to swap blocks instead of mining them and placing them. Now you can place blocks right over top of blocks already placed and the old block will go into the inventory. You can also swap chests and dressers without needing to empty them first!

Void Vault

Players can place a Void Vault in their home and when they have a Void Bag in their inventory, all items picked up will be sent to the Vault. It holds the standard 40 slots just like the other extra storage items.

Terraria 1.4 Console void vault
Void Vault
Terraria 1.4 Console void bag
Void Bag

New Biome!

There’s a spooky new challenging biome if too many tombstones are around your character. The air gets colder and an ominous mist is present. Be prepared for new monsters to come and haunt you.

Many Many More Changes

There’s a huge amount updates, balances, changes, and fixes in this new release. You can read the enormous list of changes here. But we can all agree it’s a lot more fun to experience them all yourself with a new playthrough of our favorite labor of love.

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