How to Get the Zoologist in Terraria

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If you’ve been away for a while, last year, Terraria received it’s “final” update. Update 1.4, known as Journey’s End, saw the introduction of two new NPC’s, the Zoologist and the Golfer.

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This guide will specifically focus on everything you need to know about the Zoologist in Terraria 1.4, Journey’s End.

Who is the Zoologist?

The Zoologist is a NPC vendor that sells various items and vanity items that have an animal theme.

In order to get the Zoologist to arrive players must complete the following conditions:

  • A suitable house must be available for her to move in.
  • The Bestiary must be at least 10% out.

What is the Bestiary?

The Bestiary is also a new gameplay addition to Journey’s End. In the Bestiary (located next to the Inventory interface) there are a number of enemies and NPCs listed that players will encounter in the world. The Bestiary is tied to the world and not to the character. Once players see or defeat enemies and NPCs there will be a entry in the bestiary that describes that entry.

Bestiary zoologist terraria

This is very useful information now in the game as you won’t have to open up the very detailed community run Wiki page for Terraria.

Bestiary zoologist terraria

How many Bestiary Entries for the Zoologist to appear in Terraria.

The exact number of entries that need to be filled out is 53. You can simply talk to NPCs or encounter enemies in the game and they will automatically be filled out. If you had been playing the game prior to the release of none of those encounters would have counted.

To gain access to more information about a particular entry you’ll need to interact with it multiple times. 1 kill will display the name and portrait, 10 kills show stats and description, 25 kills show the items that they can drop, and 50 kills will display the probability of an item they drop.

For bosses, only one kill will be necessary for it to display all the information about it. For For critters, only being within their proximity will start to display their information. For NPCs the amount of times they have been in a dialogue with them will be considered an interaction.

What does the Zoologist do?

The Zoologist will sell a number of different items depending on how much of the bestiary has been filled out. Most notably are the large assortment of Mounts and Pets as well as an item that prevents the deaths of critters when it is in your inventory.

guide to critter companionship terraria zoologist
Guide to Critter Companionship

The Zoologist will also attack enemies that come within range with her claws.

Where does the Zoologist prefer to live?

The Zoologist prefers to live in near the Witch Doctor. Besides that, the Princess and Golfer make good neighbors.. She does not like the Angler. Finally, she hates having the Arms Dealer as her neighbor.

As far as biomes go, she Likes being in the Forest and dislikes being in the Desert.

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