Monster Harvest Launches on PlayStation 5

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Merge Games and Maple Powered Games were delighted to announce today that Monster Harvest, an action farming RPG, launches for PlayStation 5 after a highly successful launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

 Monster Harvest is a game that taps into the creativity of players and its growing community. It features a variety of match and mix harvesting options, as well as mutant companions and an engaging turn-based combat system.

Monster Harvest makes use of the power and capabilities of the PlayStation 5 console. Monster Harvest looks and performs even better thanks to upscaled 4K visuals and improved performance, stability, and framerate. With the new PS5 DualSense features, players can feel closer to the action as they experience immersive lighting, speaker effects and haptic effects.


What is Monster Harvest?

Monster Harvest is an RPG that combines farming and monster collecting. You can grow, collect, and then mutate your crops before you take them to battle. There are many places to explore and ways to build your farm. Get ready to craft, explore, and battle in the vibrant world that is Planimal Point.

Players will discover bizarre Slimes that can transform your crops in ways you never imagined during their journey through Planimal Point. Players can create as many as 72 mutations depending on the season, the Slime and the crop they mutate.

Some crops will become Planimals, loyal mutated crops who will stay with the players through thick and thin. As you battle the evil SlimeCo, they’ll be your key companion.

Monster Hunter Harvest screenshot

Features of Monster Hunter Harvest

  • You can farm with mutants! Magic slimes can be used to transform the crops that you grow on your farm.
  • Collectible Planimal companions Some slimes can transform your crops into Planimals
  • As you fight to save Planimal Point, take your faithful companions with you.
  • There are three distinct seasons: Dry, Dark, and Wet.
  • Explore the small town of Planimal Point. Meet the residents and build connections to get discounts at stores.
  • You can make dozens of items for both your farm or your home.

PS5 Specifc Features

  • You can find a variety of haptic effects throughout the game, including rain falling and performing dodge rolls
  • Certain sound effects can be achieved with the DualSense speaker
  • The DualSense controller will flash the appropriate slime colour when you use slime
  • Upscaled 4K visuals
  • Performance, stability and framerate improvements

If you end up playing this game, let us know your experience in the comments!

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