Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay Explained – PC, Xbox, PS4

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Deep Rock Galactic has been out since 2020 on PC through Steam and on Xbox with Microsoft. The Crossplay situation is not always clear. In January 2022, DRG was released for the Playstation PS Plus as a free game. Many players are wanting to know is Deep Rock Galactic Cross Platform? Does it have Crossplay?

Currently the game is available a few ways:

  • Xbox: Available for free on Xbox GamePass
  • PC: Available on Steam for purchase
  • Playstation: Available for free on PS Plus, or purchase

Cross Platform for Deep Rock Galactic

You can crossplay with Deep Rock Galactic between Xbox and PC as long as you are using the Xbox App for PC. Unforunately for PlayStation players, there is no cross platform available with PS at all. The Steam version for PC is also not available for crossplay, even with Xbox App players.

Therefore the only crossplay in DRG is between Xbox players and Xbox App on PC players.

Can you Play Multiplayer Crossplay in Deep Rock Galactic?

Whether you are playing on the same platform, or playing between Xbox players and Xbox App for PC players, you are able to play multiplayer in DRG. PlayStation 4 players can also play with PlayStation 5 players. These facts have been confirmed by an official roadmap announcement.

The good news is that the developers have commented that they are looking to solve this and create solutions for more cross platform play in the future. Don’t hold your breath, but know that this is something they are working on.

Get Deep Rock Galactic Free

If you already subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, you can play DRG for free.

If you already subscribe to PS Plus, you can play DRG for free as well.

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