Square Enix Temporarily Stops Final Fantasy 14 Sales

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If you were hoping to buy and play Final Fantasy 14, you’ll have to wait a little bit — Square Enix temporarily halted sales of the popular title.

According to Square Enix, it wants to ease the current server congestion. Players hammered servers when the Endwalker expansion launched on December 3.

Unfortunately for players, the congested servers continue to cause issues. Some players experience longer-than-usual queue times. Meanwhile, other players can’t even get into the game.

As a result of the server issues, new players can’t buy the Starter and Complete Editions of Final Fantasy 14. Square Enix also temporarily halted new free trial registrations, since it’s too difficult for new players to log in.

The sale suspensions will take place over the next few days across all digital storefronts.

The halted sales will only apply to new players. Active, current players can still purchase expansions and Collector’s Edition digital upgrades.

In addition to Final Fantasy 14 sales, Square Enix will also temporarily halt current advertisements for Endwalker. It will not be able to stop all advertisements for the expansion, however.

To apologize, Square Enix will boost the free subscription time from seven days to 21 days. The studio also re-confirmed the new patch and content remain scheduled for January 4, 2022.

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