Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass increases XP gains

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After numerous complaints about Halo Infinite’s battle pass and progression system, 343 is attempting to react as quickly as possible. It hasn’t been long since developer 343 Industries introduced Match XP in a previous update, but they aren’t done yet! In the latest update to the games progression system, players will receive additional experience points for their daily games.

Community manager John Junyszek took to Twitter last night to acknowledge the recent battle pass complaints and outline the changes we can expect.

John Junyszek announces Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass update

The idea behind the new system is that the first six matches of the day provide you with additional XP. Players will receive 300 XP for playing their first match, 200 XP for playing their second match, and 100 XP for playing their fourth, fifth and sixth match. Any additional matches played will receive 50 XP. This will allow players to gain a full level daily, by completing six matches (each Battle Pass level requires 1000 XP) Previously, these six matches would give you a base of 300 XP, now it’s 1000 XP. This change makes it much easier for fans to rank up their Battle Pass. This is a welcomed change.

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass increases daily XP gains
Halo Infinite Multiplayer – 343 Industries

This doesn’t resolve existing problems with weekly challenges however Junyszek states that more changes will be made. As someone that has been critical of the progression system, I feel a guaranteed battle pass level per day is a good start!

Zoe Craddock

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