Animal Crossing: 10 Tips You May Have Overlooked

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen many updates over the last year. Each update brings with it a new set of hints and tips to make your gameplay more enjoyable. We have collected our top 10 tips to help players both new, and old. We know that time-traveling is controversial, so all our tips are time travel free!

10. Increase your Sales!

While there’s no real get rich quick scheme in Animal Crossing, there are a number of ways you can make more bells, for minimum effort. One of the easiest ways we’ve found to make more Bells fast is by caring for your crops and crafting with your unwanted resources. If you create a pumpkin patch and water your pumpkins, each pumpkin starter will grow between 3-10 pumpkins per harvest.

A single Pumpkin sells for 350 Bells, so harvesting a full pumpkin patch will allow you to earn a nice chunk of bells quickly. Another way of earning more Bells easily is by crafting items before you sell them. Weeds sell for 10 bells per clump. If you craft a grass skirt using 7 clumps of weed and sell it, you’ll get 140 Bells. A leaf umbrella uses 15 clumps of weed, and sells for 300 bells, doubling your profit.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pumpkin Patch ready to harvest

9. A Variety of Villagers is good for you!

It’s easy to get pulled into wanting your Island to be full of adorable sisterly villagers, but there’s a benefit to having a variety of villager personalities! All 8 of the villager personalities have unique recipes and items. The more variety you have on your island, the more items and recipes you’ll receive from its inhabitants! Remember to check in with your villagers. The more you build your relationship levels, the more gifts you’ll receive from them!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers


There are many rumors on how to get the villager you hate to leave your island. Should you bully them? Ignore them? Lock them in their house? Well, you could try, but it’s not proven to work. We have found an option that, although it takes a little more time, truly works! You’ll want to do this method before you do anything else on your island so you don’t lose any progress.

Firstly, check your campsite daily as you’ll need a villager to visit your campsite in order to complete it. Once you have a villager camping that you’d like on your island, you’ll need to persuade them to move in. If your Island is full, the camper will ring resident services as normal, and learn that the island is full. They will then recommend a villager to evict at random. If the villager they select isn’t the villager you’d like to evict, close your game and repeat the process until the camper selects your unwanted villager.

Of course, the easiest way to replace a villager is via Amiibos. Once you have invited a villager to camp using their Amiibo and completed their requests 3 times, they will ask to move in. If your Island is full, they will ask you which villager would like to move out. Select the villager you’d like to replace.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Campsite

7. Money does grow on trees in animal crossing

We all know that once per day, you can find a shiny spot and dig up some bells. Most of you will also know that you can replant the bells you dug up, to gain triple the amount. You can also bury more Bells to grow triple the amount, but not all chances are guaranteed. Here’s how you can profit most from your Money Tree if you fancy a gamble!

Bells buried Bells Dropped % Of Chances
Less than, or equal to 1,000 Bells 3,000 100%
1,001 – 9,999 Bells 3x buried amount
3,000 Bells
Greater than, or equal to 10,000 Bells 3x buried amount
Did you know if you plant more than one money tree in a day, only one will bloom?
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 10,000 bells money tree

6. Don’t want to Search to see if Celeste is on your Island?

Group stretch after 7 pm. If Celeste is on your Island, she’ll join in with your group stretch! Not only is it a quick and easy way of avoiding the search, but she also looks adorable too! It’s been said that Celeste may also appear in Brewsters Cafe before 7 pm on the day she visits your Island too, so be sure to check it out and let us know if you see her sipping some coffee!

Animal Crossing's Celeste in Brewsters before walking around the Island.

5. In a Hurry?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to chat, you can press L, R, or B to speed up Dialog. You can also double-tap A to speed up crafting and customisation. If you’re on a trip with Kapp’n, you can press B repetitively to skip his song and reach the mystery Island instantly.

4. Have you been playing the turnip market?

Don’t forget to check Nooks Cranny before 12 pm and after 12 pm. Turnip prices change in the morning and afternoon, so if your prices are low in the morning, be sure to check again later in the day! Remember that your turnips spoil after a week, so be sure to sell them. If your prices continue to stay low, you can find many Animal Crossing threads on Reddit where other Animal Crossing fans open up their Island to help others get a good price for their turnips!

Animal Crossing Turnip prices

3. Take that, Wasps!

Sick of getting stung while shaking your trees? You may know that you can catch a wasp in your net as it comes flying towards you. You may also know that you can run and hide in buildings such as houses, and shops. But did you know, that party poppers scare wasps off? Timing and positioning are important, so it may take a little practice! Here’s how you can scare those pesky wasps away!

  1. Equip your party popper before you begin shaking your trees.
  2. Ensure that your character shakes the tree from the front so that you automatically turn to face the wasps when the hive falls out of the tree.
  3. Wait for your ‘surprise’ reaction to finish, then immediately hit the A button to set off your party popper, and scare the wasp away!
Getting stung by a wasp

2. Tree stumps are actually pretty useful!

It might be tempting to dig up that annoying tree stump after chopping down a tree, but it can be surprisingly useful! Certain bugs, such as beetles are attracted to tree stumps. If you leave them a while, you’ll find it easier to fill up your Critterpedia. Beetles found on tree stumps can also be sold at Nooks Cranny for 350-3000 Bells dependent on the bug you catch!

Catching a Beetle on a tree stump

1. Animal Crossing Nook Miles can be a pain

If you find that you’ve unlocked a number of Nook Miles in the App, you’ll know that it can be a pain searching for the one you haven’t yet redeemed. That’s where we’re here to help! This tip has saved me so much effort, so I just HAD to share it with you. You can jump straight to your redeemable Nook Miles with the right analog stick. Just open the App, and flick the stick to immediately jump to any Nook Miles that need redeeming! No more searching necessary!

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