Alan Wake Remastered Confirmed by Sam Lake, Will be Epic Games Store Exclusive on PC

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More than 11 years since its initial launch on the Xbox 360, Alan Wake is making its way to a new generation of gamers. Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director, confirmed that the rumored Alan Wake Remastered is indeed real and will be headed to both current and last-gen platforms later this Fall. Expect the game to launch on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox One X, as well as on the Epic Games Store on PC. The remaster is making its way to PC thanks to an exclusivity deal with Epic, so a Steam version is probably off the table. At least for now.

Sam Lake went on to talk about the announcement in an open letter posted on The Sudden Stop, a blog that has served as a community hub for Remedy Games fans since 2012. Judging by the blog post, it looks like this is going to be a pretty straightforward remaster, similar to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Alan Wake Remastered will feature 4K visuals complete with upscaled cinematics and will include The Signal and The Writer expansions. The standalone expansion Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will apparently not be included. That’s probably for the best since American Nightmare wasn’t well-received by fans.

Epic Games announced a publishing deal last year for two titles developed by Remedy. One of them is said to be the company’s next big game, which may or may not be Alan Wake 2. The other project was said to be smaller and set in the same universe. The recently announced Alan Wake Remastered seems to fit the bill nicely.

As of late 2020, the Alan Wake TV show was still in the works as well, so it seems like Remedy has big plans for the future of this franchise. Not just that but the studio already established that Alan Wake and Control, which celebrated its second anniversary just recently, take place in the same universe. The base version of Control featured an interesting Alan Wake easter egg and we got to see even more of him in the AWE expansion. Alan Wake Remastered will probably not feature any nods to Control but the highly-anticipated sequel almost certainly will.

Alan Wake Remastered doesn’t have a set release date but Epic said we should expect it sometime this Fall. In the meantime, we recommend checking out Bright Falls if you haven’t already. It’s a six-part mini-series that acts as a prequel to Alan Wake. The mini-series is available for free in a bunch of places, including YouTube and the Microsoft Store.

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