Chivalry 2 Free Update Lands Today Complete With New Maps, Arena Mode

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Chivalry 2, the epic medieval-themed first-person slasher released earlier this year by Torn Banner Studios, received its first major update today. Dubbed House Galencourt, the update introduces a host of new content to the game and is available for free across all platforms. Some of the new additions players can expect include two new maps, an arena mode, the return of the ‘Arrow Cam’ from the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and dozens of new customization options.

New Maps

We mentioned in our Chivalry 2 review that one of the game’s biggest strengths were its maps, and we still believe that. Getting access to not one but two new maps for free is definitely great news, especially since both of them look well designed.

The big map takes place in the titular Galencourt, a heavily fortified city that servers as the seat of the Agathian Church. The city has a distinctly French vibe, with the main keep bearing more than a passing resemblance to Notre Dame. Another noteworthy feature includes a sizeable harbor complete with plenty of ships just waiting to be blown up by the assailing team.

The Desecration of Galencourt is a Team Objective map and comes accompanied by a more compact one known as The Betrayal of Courtyard, which is available in Team Deathmatch, FFA, and Arena modes.

Arena Mode

Speaking of which, the highly anticipated Arena mode is one of the other big additions coming with the new update. Chivalry 2 was already a pretty competitive game to begin with, but things are likely to get even more heated now thanks to the Arena. The mode was designed for small-scale skirmishes between two teams composed of three players each. The first team to win five rounds is declared the winner of the match. The Arena mode is currently playable on three maps – Fighting Pits, Tournament Grounds, and Courtyard.

Arrow Cam

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was in some ways among the most realistic medieval games around at the time of launch, however, it did also come with its fair share of over-the-top elements. One of the most noteworthy ones came in the form of the Arrow Cam, which is now making its way to Chivalry 2 courtesy of the new update.

The Arrow Cam is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a cinematic shot that follows arrows released by archers as they make their way towards the enemy. It also works with other projectiles. This is a nice feature to have since, much like its predecessor, Chivalry 2 is inspired by medieval movie battles, which often use something akin to the Arrow Cam.

New Customization Options

House Galencourt adds more than 60 new customization options for Chivalry 2’s various items. These can be applied to things such as weapons, shields, armor, voice overs, and more. You will be able to unlock some of the new customization options pretty early on while others will require quite a bit of playtime. Some of the biggest highlights here are the new female armor skins (no boob armor thankfully) and the Monk, a new playable character.

Torn Banner Studios stated on multiple occasions that they plan to double the size and scope of Chivalry 2 post-launch for free. Today’s update is a good step towards that goal and we’re looking forward to seeing what else the developers have in store for Chivalry 2 in the future.

In addition to the new content, the update also came with a slew of bug fixes and improvements. There are honestly far too many of them to list here but you can find the full patch notes on the official website if you want to learn more.

Check out our list of new and upcoming medieval games if you enjoy titles like Chivalry 2. There’s a surprisingly large amount of good ones still to come.

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