Genshin Impact’s 1.6 Update Confirms Kazuha’s Banner and Summer Costumes

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The Wandering Wind Samurai

Genshin Impact‘s version 1.6 was recently showcased by Mihoyo. The update will contain a plethora of new content that players can enjoy including the anemo 5-star sword user, Kazuha. Kazuha is able to control enemies with his elemental skill by creating an aoe anemo vortex that pulls enemies and objects towards his current position while also launching him into the air. While Kazuha is in the air due to his elemental skill, his plunging attack converts to anemo damage, allowing him to create elemental reactions due to the swirl effect. Kazuha is also able to use his elemental skill in midair. This allows players to creatively maneuver out of danger or traverse terrain. Finally, there is Kazuha’s elemental burst. Which is an aoe slash that generates a field of beautiful autumn leaves. The field does damage at set intervals and allows for elemental absorption.


Midsummer Adventure

Genshin Impact version 1.6 will have a story event featuring Klee and Jean as they head off on a midsummer adventure. The summer event in version 1.6 will have players go through four stages of adventure. The first stage is sailing on a boat taking out enemy fortified structures in the water. The second is a race that will test the player’s maneuverability skills in the water and in the sky. The third is a challenge against a new samurai-themed boss named Maguu Kenki with aesthetics hailing from Inazuma. Players will be forced to fight this boss face-to-face as range attacks are automatically blocked when Maguu Kenki is not engaged in close-quarters combat. And finally, players will go on the attack and get rid of enemy encampments with the newly introduced Harpastum bomb mechanic.

Klee is back and the story continues…

As for the order of character banners, Klee’s banner will be up first as a re-run and Kazuha will follow right after. Players can expect to see more Inazuma-related content as version 1.6 will also have an archon quest. This quest will include Kazuha joining the party and helping Traveler with how they can reach the closed-off region of Inazuma.


Summer Aesthetics

The patch will also introduce costumes for the two Gunnhildr sisters, Jean and Barbara. Barbara’s summer costume will be free and can be obtained by doing the summer story event. While Jean’s summer costume will be available in the store and cost a discounted 1350 genesis crystals. Genshin Impact version 1.6 launches June 9th, 2021, right after the Eula banner expires.

Below is a trailer showcasing the content of the new update.

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