Xbox Bethesda Showcase: 5 Things We Want To See

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Microsoft recently acquired Bethesda, and it seems like we’re finally going to see what that means for the gamers. Xbox has announced a joint showcase with Bethesda, happening on the 13th of June.

We’re excited. You’re excited. Here’s five things we want to see at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase.

xbox bethesda showcase halo infinite

1. Halo Infinite

It’s obvious but for good reason. Halo is Xbox’s killer app. There’s never been anything like Halo. We’ve had sci-fi shooters and guys in big suits killing things. But they aren’t Halo. Then again, Halo hasn’t really been looking like itself for a little while. Halo Infinite could be a return to form for the series after the lacklustre, although not without merit, Halo 4 & 5. The recent-ish gameplay demo from 2020 looked pretty fun, if not slightly unoptimized.

I’m also worried they’ll be going down the Ubisoft route of making every game like Far Cry. Big arenas where I can fight with plenty of freedom are great, that’s what Halo is about. I just don’t want to take down a bunch of outposts or collect seven hundred Spartan Helmets. Let’s hope 343 show us more gameplay and Halo’s always intriguing story.

Also, please bring back couch co-op.

2. Xbox Exclusives

Xbox exclusives are a fickle thing. I love Forza Horizon, Halo, Gears of War (sort of) and Fable is one of my favourite series of all time. Granted, Xbox has seen the Yakuza series, which was previously a Playsation Exclusive. Yet they still don’t really hold a candle to what Sony has been offering for a long time. Microsoft seems to be on a studio acquiring streak at the moment and I think it’s really exciting. They could announce a number of exclusives from plenty of studios under the banner of Xbox Game Studios, just like they have with Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment.

xbox bethesda showcase starfield

3. Starfield

Ah, Starfield, the big sci-fi epic that no one knows anything about. Will there be stars? Probably. Will there be fields? I sure hope so. All I know is that I’m excited, but Bethesda really need to start giving us some information. For all we know, everyone could speak with pirate accents and fight with Yugioh cards. Please let that be the case.

Let’s hope we get at least a snippet of gameplay and maybe some context for said gameplay. I want to get excited for the world and the story. My pulse doesn’t really race when I’m shown a random planet and lens flare.

xbox bethesda showcase elder scrolls 6

4. The Elder Scrolls VI

What do want? The Elder Scrolls! When do we want it? Ideally this decade!

This is slightly further down the list because we honestly have no idea when this game will come out. All I can say is that I hope Bethesda has learned from its mistakes with Fallout 4 & 76. They’ve strayed too far from real RPG mechanics and depth. Granted, Fallout 4 probably has the best combat Bethesda has made and Fallout 76 seems to be on a bit of a redemption arc. But they can’t mess up The Elder Scrolls. Let’s hope Bethesda give us something to keep us going. I’d even take a Fallout Shelter style game at this point.

5. Game Pass Announcements

Xbox Game Pass is arguably the best thing Microsoft has done since the Windows XP startup sound. From brand new games to classics, you can have it all. Kind of. Xbox has done a great job with making Game Pass the best of the game subscription services but it could do with a few more big hitters. Bethesda could no doubt add to this.

They have added, Skyrim, Oblivion, Dishonored 1 & 2, Doom Eternal and more. But if Bethesda came out and said that Starfield & The Elder Scrolls VI were coming to Game Pass, on day one, well, say hello to plenty of people who would not only subscribe but maybe even switch console. I’d also be pretty chuffed if that convinces anyone.

So there were five things we want to see at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase. Are you looking forward to the showcase? What do you want to see there? Let us know below.

Jay Scarrott

2 thoughts on “Xbox Bethesda Showcase: 5 Things We Want To See”

  1. There won’t be any ES6 info. They said last year they hadn’t even upgraded the engine with the new tools they want to start coding the game. Think 2025-2026 at the absolute earliest. Also there won’t be any XBOX exclusives announced because they don’t exist. Everything coming to XBOX will also be released on PC.


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