Top 5 Benefits of Vinyl for Music Lovers

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Digital music may be more convenient but there’s definitely something to be said about owning vinyl. You can develop a valuable record collection, whether it’s of classic albums or newer hits. True music fans and musicians often prefer vinyl because of the quality of the sound and the overall experience involved. Buying and trading records is more of a hobby and you can even become part of a community. Plus, vintage turntables make a great feature piece in any room. Here are the top five benefits of vinyl for music lovers. 

Better sound quality

If you listen to vinyl on a quality turntable, such as the Sony PS-LX300USB Stereo Turntable, for example, you should notice the difference. The reason for this is that original recordings are of higher quality as they haven’t been compressed or digitally restored. You hear all the details and the experience is more enjoyable overall. 

Turntables look cool

Whether you have a wide collection of vinyl or not, turntables make a pretty cool vintage accessory for any room. You can set one up in your living room, bedroom, or even create the perfect home office space if you like listening to music while you work. There are plenty of different styles on the market from vintage to smart and more modern machines. They also come in a wide price range so you can choose one depending on your unique style and budget. 

Build a valuable collection

Collecting vinyl is more of an experience than simply listening to music online. Many records are also quite valuable and if you want to, you could sell yours in the future. There are several easy ways to sell records. You can take them to record shops, fairs, markets, charity shops, memorabilia shops, or even sell them online. You’d be surprised at how much you can get for certain albums. Once you develop an eye for finding rarer or more sought-after records, you can even make a profit.

Own your own music

There are various benefits of owning music versus streaming. It becomes a hobby and you can enjoy building your collection. It also gives you the opportunity to network with other music lovers by trading rarer pieces. Records have always been a trendy item to collect. Your vinyl collection will also make a great conversation piece, and you can use it to decorate shelves or a feature wall in your home. This will add a unique nostalgic touch.

Develop your taste

It’s said that vinyl improves your taste in music. This could be due to the fact that you need to take more care while listening to it. Setting up a record player is more delicate than simply leaving a YouTube playlist on. The level of engagement is much higher and you’ll develop more passion for your music. Collecting vinyl also requires more effort and for this reason, you’ll only buy records you really want. You’ll get much more out of the music you listen to and develop your taste even further.

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