Is Apple Really Making an Electric Car?

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Apple is a notoriously secretive company, and some rumors about the tech giant have proven to be myths. The iRing never materialized, nor the Apple television, nor nano-sized iPhones. But is Apple really making an electric car? Signs point to yes.

We’re quoting a Magic Eight Ball, because the company hasn’t made any official comment. But the buzz about a car is getting louder. Reuters reported last month that “people familiar with the matter” say it’s happening. And with the pandemic delaying production for all cars, Apple could be back in the game. Their rumored innovation is being included on lists of the most hotly anticipated cars in the near future, firmly in the “luxury” category.

It’s Years in the Making

Talk of an “iCar” dates back to the early 2000s, before the company focused its energies on the iPhone. In 2014, things heated up again with around 1,000 Apple employees being allocated to “Project Titan.” Since then, there have been reports that the company pivoted from developing an electric vehicle to providing operating system software for other car brands. But now, Reuters says an Apple car could be on the market as early as 2024.

It Would Take on Tesla

With Tesla finally turning a profit, Apple could be looking to steal their automotive thunder. Elon Musk has proven there’s a market for high-priced, high-tech electric cars. Estimates for an Apple car start at $100,000. Now that legendary luxury brands like Bentley have gone all-in on eco-friendly cars, it looks as though car enthusiasts are rejecting gas guzzlers. And everyone wants the latest shiny thing.

Its Tech Could Be Next-Level

Automotive fans aren’t the only ones asking if Apple is really making an electric car. The company doesn’t do anything on a small scale, having made personal computers more user-friendly for the masses and reinventing the cellular phone. If Apple is making a car, its innovative technology will likely be game-changing. Among the possible advances:

  • A virtual reality system so people could work from the cars without getting motion sick.
  • Internally developed lidar sensors for scanning different distances.
  • A monocellular battery design that would free up battery pack space, decrease cost, and increase range.
  • Use of lithium iron phosphate, which is less likely to overheat.

Apple moved computers into more homes and mobile phones into more hands. With an “iCar,” consumers themselves would be infinitely mobile with all the software they need on wheels.

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