Tetris Effect Connected – Simple, Yet So Satisfying

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Back in 2018, Playstation revealed the latest Tetris game at their E3 press conference. That sentence sounds pretty underwhelming. How can a trailer for Tetris be interesting at all to gamers? But somehow, it ended up being one of the most interesting trailers Sony showed off.

Tetris Effect is a fascinating revival of the classic game. Utilising sounds and visuals, the team at studios Monstars and Resonair have truly created something special. The game has finally made its way to Xbox and PC with Tetris Effect Connected.

The Atmosphere

The team behind the music must be congratulated. Every song in the game is absolutely beautiful and creates this relaxing, upbeat tone which just draws you into the experience. And each track is mixed with the gameplay, allowing the music to change with how you’re playing. I especially love the piano sounds that play every time you move a piece in the Jazz level, so satisfying to hear.


Of course, I have to talk about the wonderful visuals. I was worried at first that the visuals would distract from the game itself, especially since Tetris is known to get pretty fast. I’m very glad this isn’t the case. They are fun to look at when playing at a slower speed and really create some satisfying imagery. But if you’re going fast and need to concentrate, they’re easy to tune out.

Every level gives this perfect mix of music and visuals that just add to the experience and create a unique experience, especially when playing in VR.

The Gameplay

There’s not much to say when it comes to gameplay. It’s Tetris. This might be a revival for the franchise, but it’s not trying to reinvent the wheel. That being said, there are a few new game modes that might be of interest.

If you’ve never enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay of Tetris, then there are a number of relaxing modes to play. They’re definitely not as challenging and will probably bore hardcore players, but for a more casual Tetris player like me, the relaxing modes are just what you need. Of course, there are the classic hardcore modes as well for anyone with more skill than me.

Tetris Effect Connected also introduces new multiplayer modes to really test your skills. There is, of course, the classic Tetris multiplayer where you compete against another opponent, but given the Tetris Effect style. My favourite multiplayer mode however is Connected, a coop game where three people work to beat a single AI boss. The gameplay is fun and I don’t get beaten by better players all the time.

The Only Downside

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Tetris Effect Connected, but the only problem is the price. The game currently costs $59.95 AUD on the windows 10 store, which seems a bit much. After all, it is Tetris. I find it hard to justify why a more casual Tetris player would be willing to pay this cost.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. The game is available with Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC. So if you already have a subscription, there’s no reason not to give this gorgeous game a go.


I really didn’t think that a Tetris game would ever capture my attention again, but Tetris Effect Connected is an absolutely beautiful game that allows casual Tetris fans to enjoy the satisfying gameplay the game offers, while creating a relaxing and gorgeous atmosphere. If you can get past the high price or if you have a Game Pass subscription, I highly recommend downloading this game for a chill afternoon.

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