Switch OLED Model Isn’t Exactly What We Were Hoping For

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The Switch OLED model is the high-end model and features a number of improvements over the original. The new Switch features a 7 inch OLED display, which is a great improvement over the 6.2 inch LCD of the original model. It also has improved speakers, a decent stand and an ethernet port when docked. But apart from these few improvements, that’s about it. Other than being more expensive.

There have been rumours for what feels like years now that Nintendo will release a more powerful model of the Switch. The “Switch Pro” was rumoured to be a beefier console, with improved hardware and possibly supporting 4k outputs to TVs. A leak suggested that Nintendo were working with Nvidia to develop a custom processor. There was even the idea that it wouldn’t be a handheld console to allow for some better performance.

And a more powerful console is a good idea for the more hardcore market. While the Switch and Switch Lite could be for the casual audience, the Switch Pro could be for the people with 4k TVs who want their games to look as good as they can be.

However, this is not the case with the Switch OLED Model. The OLED model runs on the same hardware as the original. This means it can still only do 1080p resolution when docked and 720p handheld (except with an OLED screen). The new model still uses Bluetooth 4.1 (which can’t even support Bluetooth headphones) while the standard for devices in 2021 is 5.0 or higher.

Really the only big change is the handheld display, which is a decent improvement. But it really doesn’t warrant the price increase nor an upgrade from the original or lite models.

If you were hoping for an improved version of the Switch, this isn’t it.

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